How to Use Argan Oil

How to Use Argan OilArgan oil isn’t just for making tresses scintillatingly soft and shiny, you know (although we must admit, its lustre-boosting properties are a massive part of its appeal). In fact, this hair-pampering oil has all kinds of uses, from giving our hairstyles extra staying power to defending our manes against the elements. Keen to find out more? Then read on for our Dirty Looks guide to how to use Argan oil…

How to use Argan oil...When styling your hair

Whether you’re aiming for poker straight locks or curly wurly tresses, give your hairstyle of choice a long-lasting, weightless hold by prepping your strands with a pre-styling dose of Argan oil. For the best results, towel dry freshly washed and conditioned hair until any residual moisture has been mostly absorbed, and then distribute a small amount of Argan oil throughout your locks before styling. Not only will this heavenly product protect your hair from thermal styling, but when your hair is completely dry, you’ll notice that your ‘do stays in place all day long - without any annoying side-effects like stickiness or stiffness.

How to use Argan oil…As a conditioning treatment

How to Use Argan OilThanks to its hair-moisturising capabilities, Argan oil is also a key ingredient in many leave-in hair conditioning treatments. Here at Milk + Blush, we use the oh-so-decadent Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment, which is absolutely perfect for showing dry, brittle strands a bit of leave-in love. Not only does this indulgent treatment rehydrate lifeless locks, leaving them feeling touchably soft and visibly revitalised, but it also contains zillions of gold sparkly bits, which, you know - look pretty. To use Argan oil to condition our tresses, all we need to do is massage the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment into damp locks, leave for five to ten minutes, and then rinse. Easy!

How to use Argan oil...To defend hair against the elements

How to Use Argan OilIf the ever-changing spring weather often leaves your hair wondering whether it’s coming or going, then your long-suffering strands could benefit from a spritz of Argan oil-infused spray, such as the Argan Secret Miracle ‘10’ Leave-In Spray Treatment. This lightweight hair mist will coat your hair in nourishing oily goodness, protecting it from the ravages of wind, humidity and fluctuating temperatures - and as an added bonus, it’ll make short work of irritating frizz and flyaways, too. To use this Argan oil product for salon-sleek hair, whatever the weather, simply spray it directly onto your locks or mist it over your favourite hair brush before stroking it through your tresses.

How to use Argan oil…To restore dry, damaged hair

How to Use Argan OilIf your brittle, damaged locks drive you to despair, then what are you waiting for? Thanks to its hair-nourishing qualities, Argan oil is the perfect potion to get tired-out tresses looking their healthy best again. When our ailing strands could do with a boost of moisture and shine, we Dirty Looks girls love nothing more than to use the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment, as its light Argan oil-infused formula is perfect for revitalizing hair without weighing it down. Plus, using Argan oil to put some zing back into hair couldn’t be easier - just work a pea-sized amount of the product into towel-dried hair, and then blow dry and style as normal. Your hair will look instantly healthier!

We hope this guide to how to use Argan oil has opened your eyes to just how multi-tasking this indulgent hair product can be! What’s your favourite way to use Argan oil?