Does Drinking Water Help Dry Hair & Hair Growth?


If you haven’t seen the before and after pictures of what drinking water can do for your skin then you need to google that, RIGHT NOW. It turns out upping our intake of water can do more for our complexion than any mask could and can rid us of dark circles and dryness in no time. After reading that, it figures we would start thinking about whether or not drinking more water could be good for our hair too? Here’s what we found out…

What are the facts?

Water actually makes up around 25% of a single strand of hair which is why it’s so important to stay hydrated if you want yours to look good. Drinking lots of water is also important for maintaining a healthy scalp, as being dehydrated will really dry out your skin. Drinking lots of water also helps to flush out toxins, increase weight loss and give you an energy boost to improve your overall health which in turn benefits your hair.



Does it makes your hair grow?

Water is key for generating new cells and that includes encouraging hair growth, so yes, drinking water will definitely improve hair growth. Water hydrates your body which helps to regulate your circulatory system and provides your follicles with the nutrients they need to grow healthy hair.

Will it make my hair less dry?

Drinking more water will hydrate your strands from the inside out helping to moisturise and strengthen your hair. If you’re dehydrated then your hair will be too, so it’s super important that you drink lots of water to keep it looking healthy.


Can it prevent damage?

If your hair is hydrated it’ll be less prone to damage so by drinking more water you’ll help to maintain your hair health. Obviously, you’ll still need to use a mask, heat protectants and avoid using too much heat but it’ll definitely help in the long term.

What if you don’t drink enough?

When you’re dehydrated your body starts to hold onto water to protect your organs and when this happens your hair is the first thing to suffer. This will halt hair growth, which you definitely don’t want and could make your hair really dry and brittle too. Having a dry scalp can also encourage dandruff and other scalp conditions so it’s definitely worth avoiding.



How much water should you be drinking a day?

The recommended daily intake is 2 liters per day which includes things like tea and coffee, so it shouldn’t be too hard to hit the target. Making sure you’re drinking this much water will also help to boost your energy levels, clear your skin, strengthen your immune system and burn more calories.

What can I do to boost the hair benefits?

If you really want to supercharge your hair then we’d definitely recommend infusing your water with fruit. Strawberries would be perfect for this as they’re high in Vitamin C which promotes hair growth and boosts protein production to strengthen your hair.

How crazy is this? We can’t believe how much of a difference drinking a few extra cups of water could make! If your hair is feeling super unhealthy right now then make sure to give our post a read on repairing damaged hair too. It’s full of useful tips that will really supercharge your locks.