Is Rice Water the Secret to Faster Hair Growth?

The growing TikTok trend, Rice Water Rinsing, has been recently circulating on social media. Many people claiming the ancient tradition is key to their long locks; repairing damaged hair whilst encouraging the hair growth process.

Although hair extensions are the quickest and easiest solution to longer, thicker hair; we always try to find alternative ways to speed up and encourage healthy hair growth.

According to historical research, women in Eastern Asia have been using Rice Water for centuries and insist the process is the key to growing their floor-length locks. In addition to the extreme hair growth, it has been claimed that the natural solution is beneficial in keeping your natural hair colour for longer; many Asian women credit their extreme length and long-lasting colour to this homemade treatment. 

How is Rice Water Beneficial to our Hair?

Rice water is filled with many beneficial nutrients to hair, including Vitamins B and E, which support healthy hair growth. The solution also contains Amino Acids, Inositol and Antioxidants. 

One of the main ingredients, Inositol, is a chemical compound and is commonly used in hair loss treatments. It helps to increase the growth rate of new hair whilst strengthening each strand. It also repairs damaged bonds in the hair and protects the hair from future breakage.

Whilst the benefits of using rice water remain scientifically unproven, it is a safe, natural remedy you can try yourself at home!

How to Make and use Rice Water as a Hair Treatment

You will need:

  • Jasmine rice
  • Fruit peel or essential oil for added fragrance
  • Water
  • Jar with a lid
  • Spray bottle


  1. Begin by rinsing your rice to get rid of any impurities.
  2. Boil your rice for 10 minutes; use 1 part rice to 2 parts water.
  3. Pour the mixture into a jar to ferment for 24h; adding your fruit peel or essential oil.
  4. After 24 hours, separate the water into a spray bottle.
  5. Apply your solution to clean, wet hair, distributing the product evenly and massaging it into your scalp.
  6. Let the product sit for 10-15 minutes and rinse out with water.

    Repeat the process every 2-3 weeks for maximum results.