Kate Middleton’s Hair History

If you’re looking for some hair inspo to switch up your style this year then we’ve got you totally covered with our series Hair History. Each month we take a look back at some iconic celebrities and trace their hair evolution to where they are today. This month we're taking a look at the polished mane of Kate Middleton who's perfect hair history doesn't contain many embarrassing looks. As we're more than obsessed with her wardrobe and her blow out we couldn't think of anyone better for our Hair History series.


This is the look that caught the eye of Prince William and very luckily distracted from her hair.  String embellished braids and corkscrew curls? Only Kate Middleton could pull these off.   kate-middleton-hair-history


For her graduation from St Andrews Kate went for a classic blowout with side-swept bangs and gave us major healthy hair envy.   kate-middleton-hair-history


If you didn’t have heavy side-swept bangs and choppy layers in 2006 then you must have been hiding under a rock. This is a very on trend look for Kate who mainly sticks to classic styles but we think it looks amazing on her.   kate-middleton-hair-history


This is such an iconic hairstyle that became insanely popular after the engagement was announced along with her blue dress. The classic blowout is Kate’s signature hairstyle and it makes it look insanely glossy.   kate-middleton-hair-history


This is one of, if not the most important hairstyle of the decade and we were more than in love with this half up, half up down look that she chose for her wedding day. It was created by hairstylist Richard Ward who's famous for inventing the Chelsea blow-dry at his Sloane Square salon.   kate-middleton-hair-history


After the wedding she went much lighter with her hair, opting for some subtle highlights and voluminous layers. This is a flattering colour that helps to add extra dimension and the illusion of thicker hair.   kate-middleton-hair-history


Rocking her natural hair texture and a little frizz, we're so in awe of how polished she looks while visiting the Solomon Islands. This is proof that you don't have to heat style your hair to make it look amazing!   kate-middleton-hair-history


Yes, Kate Middleton just gave birth and her hair still looks better than ours on a normal day. Her glossy mane is slightly lighter here and styled into her signature blowout of loose waves.   kate-middleton-hair-history


In more recent years Kate has been experimenting a little more with updos and this polished pony is a great change from her usual waves. It's also super simple and a really easy style to copy.   kate-middleton-hair-history


Again looking super fabulous at the announcement of Princess Charlotte, Kate's blowout was given a voluminous update with more ringlet style curls.   kate-middleton-hair-history


To cover the 100th issue of British Vogue, Kate went back to a darker brown shade and soft waves.   kate-middleton-hair-history


In 2017 she made her biggest hair change ever and chopped off her locks into a shoulder grazing, blunt bob. We love this length and its made her hair look super healthy and glossy. kate-middleton-hair-history


The queen of polished hairstyles rocked another gorgeous updo for a wedding this year along with this gorgeous fascinator. We love that she's playing with different looks and styles while staying true to her polished vibes.  


This year she's transitioned back to her long, chocolate blowout and we're so glad it's back. If only our hair looked like this every day, eh?