M+B Clip In Hair Extensions - Everything You Need To Know About The New Sets


Hold on to your bobby pins honey because something big has officially landed. We’re switching it up here at M+B and introducing some cool new sets that are going to give you the dreamiest hair ever. We’re always listening out for what you love about your extensions and what you need to feel your most confident which is why we’ve decided to try something new. So keep scrolling and let us know what you think...


The Regular Set

Lengths: 16-18” 100g and 20-22” 120g

Wefts: 1-clip weft x 4, 2-clip weft x 2, 3-clip weft x 2, 4-clip weft x 1

Tell me about it: The new Regular Set is here for all you gals with fine hair who want to add some extra thickness that looks really natural. There are 9 classic wefts in this set so that you can easily mix and match them to create the right thickness for you. They are great for adding a little volume at your roots too but they’re still really easy to conceal.

Who is it good for: This set is good for anyone with fine hair who wants to add length and keep it looking natural. You can also pick this set if you have long hair and just want to add some extra thickness through the lengths and ends.

Get this if you used to buy: This is the perfect option if you used to get the Classic Set but found that it was too much hair and that you didn’t use all the wefts.


The Deluxe Set

Lengths: 12-14” 150g, 16-18” 160g, 20-22” 180g and 24-26” 180g

Wefts: 1-clip weft x 2, 2-clip weft x 5, 3-clip weft x 2, 4-clip quad weft x 1

Tell me about it: The Deluxe is the only seamless set in our collection so if you prefer the lighter weight of the wefts then this will be your go-to. The seamless wefts are made by bonding the hair with silicone so that they’re super fine and don’t add any bulk at your roots making them easy to conceal. We’ve also included a lace Quad Weft in this set that isn’t seamless for major thickness and volume.

Who is it good for: This is the perfect set for anyone with fine to normal hair as the seamless wefts are really lightweight and virtually undetectable. It’s also a good option if you like creating sleek looks as the wefts lay flat to your head so you can get your hair to lie super smooth.

Get this if you used to buy: If you were a fan of the Classic Seamless Set then you don’t need to panic because the Deluxe is exactly the same just with a fancy new name.


The Superior Set

Lengths: 20-22” 220g and 24-26” 280g

Wefts: 1-clip weft x 2, 2-clip weft x 5, 3-clip weft x 2, 4-clip quad weft x 1

Tell me about it: The Superior Set is a lace weft set that’s slightly thicker than the Deluxe and great if your hair is normal to medium thickness. It has 10 wefts so it’s super versatile and you can use as many as you need to until you get your desired thickness.

Who is this good for: If you’re not a fan of the seamless style wefts but find the Regular isn’t thick enough then this would be your best option. It’s also a good set to pick if you have long hair as it will keep your lengths looking full from root to tip and is available in our two longest lengths.


The Luxurious Set

Lengths: 16-18” 200g and 20-22” 265g

Wefts: 2-clip wefts x 4, 3-clip wefts x 2, 4-clip quad weft x 1 (x 2 in the length 20-22”)

Tell me about it: All the wefts in the Luxurious Set are quad wefted which means there are four layers of hair on each weft so it’s super thick. The 20-22” set has an extra Quad Weft too that helps to keep the hair looking voluminous from root to tip. As this set contains 7 or 8 wefts it’s also perfect if you struggle to conceal a lot of wefts but need lots of extra thickness.

Who is it good for: The Luxurious Set is perfect for anyone with really thick hair or someone who likes a super glamorous amount of volume. It’s also perfect for anyone with a really blunt cut or bob who wants extra length as you’ll be able to hide it and get the best blend.

Get this if you used to buy: The 16-18” length in the Luxurious Set is the same as our Quad Weft Set and the 20-22” length is the same as the Special Edition Extra Thick Set.


Volumizer Wefts

Lengths: 16-18” 40g and 20-22” 45g

Tell me about it: These are single quad wefts that you can use to refresh your current set or to add some extra volume. Quad wefts are four layers of hair sewn onto a soft mesh so that more hair can be worn on fewer clips. They’re also great for adding a little extra thickness to your hair if you don’t want to go for a full set but you’ll need to get them trimmed to your current length.


Single Wefts

Lengths: 16-18” 25g and 20-22” 30g

Tell me about it: These are single, seamless wefts that you can use to refresh your existing set and go really well with the Deluxe Set as they’re both in the seamless style. Or, if you want to create an updo you could use these along with some Quad Wefts to create your desired look.