M+B Hair Horoscope: February 2020

It’s the month of LOVE and we’re so ready to ditch our New Year’s resolutions in favour of some cocktails and a fancy dinner date. As Mercury enters Pisces on March 3rd it’s boosting our communication skills and giving us all the confidence we need for Valentine’s Day. Sure, pretending we were sticking to our resolutions was fun but the smugness has worn off and it’s more than time to relax a little...

What’s the vibe this month: Venus is in your sign this month and it’s making you feel extra confident and more than ready to put yourself out there. Whether you’re in a relationship or single you’ll be making big plans this Valentine’s Day.

Live by the motto: “Beyonce energy”

Your date night hairstyle: A half up, half down is one of our most loved date night hairstyles and you can use Milk + Blush hair extensions to add loads of volume.

What’s the vibe this month: Romance isn’t on your mind so much this month as you’ve been pushing to get ahead at work and reach your career goals. As much as it’s important you don’t want to burn yourself out, so make sure to take a break and have fun. You’ll feel totally refreshed for it.

Live by the motto: “Disconnect to reconnect”

Your date night hairstyle: This chic low bun will take you from the office to the sofa with zero effort.

What’s the vibe this month: As the moon orbits your sign you’ll get itchy feet and can’t wait to explore somewhere new. A romantic trip could be just what you need or at the very least a great way to avoid the Valentines hype.

Live by the motto: “The only trip you’ll regret is the one you don’t take”

Your date night hairstyle: This low messy pony is perfect for hopping on a flight or a day of exploring.

What’s the vibe this month: You’ve been feeling a little down for the last few weeks so this is the perfect time to practice some self-love and treat yourself. Get a haircut, put on a hair mask and curl up for a movie instead of heading out this Valentine’s.

Live by the motto: “Be enough for yourself first”

Your date night hairstyle: This messy pony is the perfect zero effort hairstyle to match your vibe this month.

What’s the vibe this month: The new moon is in your relationship zone which is making you look ahead and rethink what you want out of your relationships. You’ll want to switch up everything, from your hair to your daily routine - you’re going to feel like a totally different person by the end of the month…

Live by the motto: “You can’t have progress without change”

Your date night hairstyle: Fresh from the catwalk these 70s inspired waves are a total gamechanger and will help to push you out of your comfort zone.

What’s the vibe this month: Oh Virgo, this month you’re feeling a little all over the place and not at all yourself. Trying to be hyper organised and making so many changes in January has definitely taken its toll and you’re not feeling at all sociable. Instead, date yourself this month, hit your favourite coffee shops, watch a movie and rest up until you’re back to your best.

Live by the motto: “Self-love isn’t vanity, it’s sanity”

Your date night hairstyle: Hit the salon for an indulgent blow-dry, you deserve it!

What’s the vibe this month: You’re way more likely to be sharing a protein shake than a plate of spaghetti with your date this month as you’re still on a serious 2020 health kick. From the gym to the whole foods aisle; your Valentine better like their veggies.

Live by the motto: “The greatest wealth is health”

Your date night hairstyle: These cute braided space buns are perfect for a date with the treadmill.

What’s the vibe this month: Mars is in your sign this month and it’s making you feel a little more irritated than usual. Be careful not to make rash decisions or say anything you might regret later. This is the month of love after all…

Live by the motto: “If you can’t be kind, be quiet”

Your date night hairstyle: To help you stay quiet why not let some sassy hairclips do the talking...

What’s the vibe this month: This month you’re feeling way more positive and ready to go after what you want in both your career and your love life. Use this energy to make some positive changes, like switching up your hair and finding some new pieces for your wardrobe. You’ll feel so much better for the confidence boost.

Live by the motto: “Focus on the good”

Your date night hairstyle: A fresh cut will give your hair a new lease of life and a blunt finish is so on-trend right now.

What’s the vibe this month: As your sign squares with Neptune you’re struggling to communicate as well as normal and aren’t feeling as sociable either. Don’t let this get you down though and instead push yourself to get out there, meet new people or reconnect with your friends. A new hairstyle and a positive attitude will help you through this…

Live by the motto: “Good energy is contagious”

Your date night hairstyle: There’s nothing like some full volume, mermaid waves to get you in the party spirit.

What’s the vibe this month: Mercury retrograde is pushing you to make some difficult decisions this month. You’ve been putting off making changes for a while but now is the time to think about what you really want. From your relationship to your hairstyle, you need to stop compromising on what you want.

Live by the motto: “If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive”

Your date night hairstyle: This pretty braided updo will help to get your creativity going while giving you an extra boost of confidence.

What’s the vibe this month: Mercury is in your house of income for the next few weeks and it’s having a negative effect on your finances. This is definitely not what you need after the Christmas break so a new year trip to the hair salon will be totally out of the window. Instead, pamper your hair with a DIY mask and hold off on a transformation until your bank balance is back on track.

Live by the motto: “I’m having an out of money experience”

Your date night hairstyle: This gorgeous braid is perfect for date night and so easy to recreate on a budget.