Milk + Blush Meets... Ashley Guenther

Ashley-Guenther-milk-and-blush-blog We always have a little fangirl moment in the office when we see one of our fave hairstylists have used Milk + Blush hair extensions on a shoot. Their work is so inspiring and it’s cool to see how many different looks they can create using our sets. In our new series M+B Meets … we’re going to be sitting these guys down to get all the behind the scenes tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your everyday routine. If it’s good enough for models and celebrities, then it’s good enough for us right? Today’s guest is Ashley, who’s instagram @balayageandbraids is one of our absolute faves for hair inspiration. She’s an insane colourist and always styles her clients hair so that they’re totally Insta’ ready. She’s also started a new hair accessories line called Ashley’s Collection which is full of cute scrunchies and hair clips we’re adding to our wishlist. Today she’s spilling her top tips for getting Insta’ worthy hair and her go-to tools that we can use at home. Ashley-Guenther-milk-and-blush-blog   MB: Everyone at the Hairology salon is huge on Instagram, do you have any tips on getting your hair Insta’ ready? AG: We definitely love finishing our clients off with a style! Whether it’s just a simple wave, or a braid to show off the dimension in the color. Take that pic! It takes a few extra minutes but it’s always worth it, find natural light and snap away. MB: We love your hair accessories brand Ashley’s Collection, where did the idea for this come from? AG: I started Ashley’s Collection because I felt like we were missing that finishing touch on our beautiful colors and styles. It’s everything hair: bridal accessories, casual scrunchies, to hair scarves! MB: Are there any pro tools in your kit that we could incorporate into our daily hair routines? AG: I love the S1.25 from Beachwaver. It’s a medium size curling iron, and gives the perfect beachy waves. MB: If you don’t have a lot of time to style a client’s hair what’s your go to look? AG: I always find the time! I very rarely run behind, I work a little on the fast side. Styling is so important to finish off the look. Your clients will thank you, and that’s your walking advertisement. You better believe she’s going out after, even if it’s just to the grocery store - someone is going to see that masterpiece. MB: What are your top tips for using M+B hair extensions when creating braids? AG: I love that the M+B extensions give you that extra hair to work with. You can leave more hair out and still get a nice thick braid. I like to take pieces of the extension into the braid, but leave out the next section, rotating back and forth.  Everything blends so seamlessly. MB: What do you think the biggest hair trends will be for the summer? AG: I don’t think a wavy pony will ever go out of style, especially with a hair scarf tied on, that blows in the wind, picture perfect!   MB: What do you think is the biggest mistake people make with their hair? AG: Not doing it. Taking the time for self care includes your hair. People don’t always know how much a good cut color and style can do for them - confidence and feeling good can take you places! MB: Where do you get your inspiration from? AG: I’m always being inspired! Josie Vilay is constantly inspiring and pushing me to try new things. We are so fortunate to live in a world where we are able to share so much with everyone. Nature inspires me too, taking time to clear my mind, gives me more clarity in my vision. We love Ashley’s passion for styling and we’re definitely going to try out the Beachwaver to get her signature waves. If you loved this one then make sure to check out the rest of our interviews here with stylists like Carmen Amelia and Jake Gallagher.