Nano Tip Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want extensions without the feeling of extensions? Nano tips are one of the most discreet and long-lasting options if you are lusting for lavish locks without the bulkier feel of traditional extension methods. And yes, you can wear your hair up! Unlike other brands, our Nano Tips feature a flexible tip that enables you to wear your hair up effortlessly.

Nano tips are great for most hair types, but are they right for you? Find out with our must-read guide sharing everything you need to know about nano tip hair extensions.

Luxurious results using Milk + Blush Nano Tips

How are nano tip extensions applied?

Say goodbye to damaging heat and glue, nano tip extensions are installed simply by threading the natural hair through a small ring at the top of the weft before being squeezed securely into place by a small pair of pliers

The application method for a full head is very intricate, meaning it can take up to 4 hours, depending on the client and stylist. Each weft is applied individually, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably in that salon chair! 

With regular maintenance and good care, you can get up to 6-12 months of wear out of your nano tips, making them one of the longest-lasting styles of extensions.

Every 6-8 weeks it is recommended to visit your stylist for a re-fit of your nano tips to refresh your hair and ensure your natural tresses are still healthy.

Salon professional tools for fitting professional hair extensions

What are the different types of tipped extensions?

With a vast palette of shades, including rooted and highlighted colours, there is a style of extensions to fit your every mood. At Milk + Blush, we also offer two different types of tipped extensions, nano tips and the flat tips.

The classic nano tip extension is great for those wanting to amplify their volume and length without causing any damage to their natural hair. Being one of the smallest extensions on the market, they are the perfect way to achieve princess-like locks without the feeling of bulkier wefts on the head. 

Flat tip extensions lay even flatter than nano tips, leaving you with a seamless finish. The top of each piece features a keratin tip which makes them easy to hide under your natural hair, so nothing is stopping you from being creative with your hair and styling it however you please!

Different types of professional hair extensions

Can I treat nano tips like my own hair?

Nano-tips are a type of semi-permanent extension, so you can in fact, wash your hair with them in. We suggest washing your lengths at least twice a week to prevent your natural oils from weakening the tips.

Before hopping in the shower, ensure you are using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to care for your new tresses and keep them in the best condition. We recommend Olaplex’s No.4 Bond Maintenance shampoo and conditioner for nourished lengths. Be careful not to overwash because this can weaken the extensions.

Can I brush my nano tips?

Swap your everyday bristle brush for a loop brush. One of the gentlest ways to comb through your hair, the loop brush is an essential for maintaining your extensions and preventing any damage caused by troublesome tangles. Always avoid brushing your hair when wet, as this can cause damage to your natural hair and the extensions.

Can I use heat on my nano tips?

Designed with quality in mind, our nano tip extensions are made from luxurious, 100% Remy human hair, meaning you can curl and style them with heat up to 185 Celsius/365 Fahrenheit. GHD’s heat tools are our favourites to use, alongside a great heat protectant to shield your hair from any potential damage.

Reaching for the curling tongs often? Invest in a bottle of our Silicone Spritz spray to revive lacklustre locks caused by heat styling. A must-have for your haircare line-up, the BlueMax Daily Refresher™ Leave-In Silicone Conditioner will keep your extensions looking healthy and soft whilst building a lightweight, protective barrier to improve the lifespan of your new hair.

Can I put my hair up with nano tips in?

Unlike other brands, our Nano Tips boast a unique flexible tip that effortlessly allows you to wear your hair up with ease. Once you have let your extensions settle for the first 2 weeks, you can begin experimenting with different looks. Nano tips are as small as the nib of a ballpoint pen, so you will have no trouble hiding them in different hairstyles. 

With little practice, the bonds blend seamlessly into countless ponys, braids and buns, allowing you to get creative with your style.

How many packs of nano tips do I need?

The amount of packs you need really depends on your desired result, so we would suggest asking your stylist for advice on this. 

For a full head, 150g is standard, however, if your hair is thicker or finer, you may find 200g or more will be suitable, this amount will vary from person to person.

Do nano tips cause damage to my natural hair?

Well-known amongst stylists as one of the least damaging styles of extensions currently available, nano tips are applied without using heat, glue or chemicals, preventing any unnecessary harm to your natural hair.

One of the best ways to avoid damage from your extensions is to keep them maintained by booking frequent visits to your salon (every 6-8 weeks) and ensuring you are following all of the care instructions given to you following your initial fitting. 

What are the pros and cons of nano tip extensions?


  • Easy to style.
  • Virtually undetectable.
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting


  • Needs maintenance.
  • Can take some time to get used to.
  • Long application process.
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