NEW: Silicone Coating for Hair Extensions

Want in on how to keep your hair extensions extremely soft and last forever? Then read on to find out about our exciting, new silicone coating for hair extensions, available to buy at Milk + Blush now.

As much as we wish that our beloved hair extensions will remain brand new and stay in their best condition for as long as possible, we have to admit to ourselves the harsh reality that our hair extensions aren’t made to last forever. However, there is a new chemical in town that serves to increase the lifespan of our hair extensions and to keep them looking as super soft as they were on day one, and that’s all down to the new silicone coating for hair extensions.

The revolutionary silicone coating for hair extensions is a new chemical maintenance product which has been cleverly bottled up to help maintain the condition of our hair extensions and encourage them to last longer.

Firstly, the RemySoft BlueMax Sealer is a radical, new silicone coating for hair extensions which is used to coat and seal the hair shaft for an all-over, smooth finish. Infused with Jojoba, which is a natural substance, this silicone coating acts as a natural hair oil which our own growing hair produces. This means that our hair extensions are provided with similar oils which our natural hair needs in order to stay fit and healthy for longer. The marvellous, silicone-based hair sealer also eliminates tangles which helps to prevent your hair extensions from matting and getting into bad condition.

Another silicone coating for hair extensions is the RemySoft Daily Refresher. This light, silicone-based spray is specifically designed to use in between washing your hair extensions. The nifty hair spray acts as a daily maintenance spray, to help soften and detangle the hair for a much kinder styling. What’s more, the Daily Refresher also contains natural oils and UV protection, which protects the hair from sun damage, which inevitably keeps your hair extensions softer for longer.

With the new silicone coating for hair extensions, our lust-worthy locks are sure to maintain their lustrous look and super soft feel for as long as possible! What do you think of these miraculous, new products we’ve added to our hair care range?