Overnight Hair Tips

Overnight Hair TipsFor today’s blog post, we’ll be teaching you how to wake up with irresistibly touchable, lustrous tresses - as if by magic. Really, we will! No joke. Just read on for some Milk + Blush approved overnight hair tips that’ll leave your locks looking as if you’ve spent forty minutes styling, not catching your winks…

Overnight hair tip #1: Moisturise your strands

Overnight Hair TipsIf you suffer from dry, damaged, unmanageable tresses, we have the perfect overnight hair tip for you: before going to bed, apply a strand-nourishing treatment to your stressed-out mane. We Dirty Looks girls reckon that this hair-loving treatment works best when applied to damp, pre-bedtime locks, as it can then do its hydrating, protecting, silk-ifying thing while you’re asleep. In the morning, you’re guaranteed to wake up with super soft, optimally moisturised, tangle-free tresses - and you won’t even need to rinse to reap the rewards of revitalised, good-as-new strands.

Overnight hair tip #2: Try a topknot

Overnight Hair TipsWe all know that blow-drying our hair can cause unnecessary damage - but thanks to niggles like frizz and flyaways, leaving our tresses to dry naturally is rarely a pleasing prospect. The solution? Well, we like to ensure our damp locks air-dry in style by sweeping them up into a chic, loose topknot before hitting the hay. All you need to do to create this super high bun is to tie tresses into a high ponytail, before wrapping your ‘tail around itself and fastening in place with a hair elastic and several bobby pins. Thanks to this overnight hair tip, when your alarm clock goes off in the morning, all you need to do is unravel the elastic to reveal totally dry, beautifully wavy tresses.

Overnight hair tip #3: Tie up your tresses

Overnight Hair TipsThought you could wash and dry your hair in the evening, sleep with your hair down, and then roll out of bed in the morning like everything’s hunky dory? Well, we suppose you could - but it wouldn’t look very good. Instead of leaving your tresses down, we recommend this overnight hair tip: tie your hair in a loose bun at the nape of your neck before getting your shuteye, as this will stop your locks from becoming tangled, or - god forbid - sweaty in the night. This way, when you wake up, you won’t need to spend ages brushing out knots and salvaging wayward strands with heated styling tools - plus, your silky mane will be extremely thankful.

Overnight hair tip #4: Fight the frizz

Overnight Hair TipsDo you know the injustice of going to bed with perfectly polished stands, only to discover upon waking up that they’ve transformed themselves into a mass of unruly frizz? Then try spritzing a small amount of leave-in conditioner onto your tresses before retiring for the evening (as with the above overnight hair tip, you’ll need to twist your locks into a low bun to ensure they don’t get tangled). When morning comes, you’ll unbundle your bun to discover frizz-free, smooth-as-can be locks - and you’re bound to get more than a few compliments on that gorgeous shine, too.

With these overnight hair tips, bad hair mornings will soon become a thing of the past! Do you have any of your own overnight styling techniques or hair care tips? If so, be sure to let us know!