Pregnancy Hair Care: Tonje Sophie on Hair Thinning and Pregnancy

Many women experience changes in hair texture and growth during pregnancy. The change in hormones can make your hair grow faster and fall out less, however, many women lose some hair in the postpartum period or after they stop breastfeeding.

We caught up with the flawless Tonje Sophie to discuss her experience with hair thinning, pregnancy hair, and the benefits of using clip-in hair extensions during this time.

How long have your worn clip-in hair extensions?

I have been using clip-in hair extensions for many years on and off. I don't tend to wear clip-ins every day or for every hairstyle, but I love adding length and volume probably a couple of times a week just to look and feel extra gorgeous! They are so quick and easy to apply and hair extensions just add so much texture and volume to my hair, I love it!

How important is it to look after your hair?

It's definitely very high on my priority list! Especially when wearing premium quality hair extensions like Milk + Blush, I need my hair to look as healthy as possible so that it blends perfectly with the extensions.

How has pregnancy affected your hair?

This is my second pregnancy and similar to my last, I do experience thinning of my hair when being pregnant. Luckily it all came back and grew out normally once my pregnancy was over and all the hormones left my body. My hair has definitely started to thin out again during this pregnancy - boo!

Did you experience hair damage/loss before pregnancy?

No, I've only ever experienced breakage to my hair due to chemicals from bleaching it luckily! Thankfully, I have always been able to revive my hair with a good hair care routine and giving my hair have a break from bleach!

Most women love their hair during pregnancy, it’s after pregnancy that hair loss can become a problem. Could you tell us your experience with hair loss or hair shedding during and after pregnancy?

For me, I actually experienced the hair loss during pregnancy and not after! I remember during my last pregnancy my boyfriend always complained about long blonde hairs being everywhere and much more than usual! Luckily it started growing back just a couple of months after birth and I got heaps of baby hairs around my face, haha!

What’s the main reason that you wear your clip-in hair extensions?

I naturally have thin to medium hair, so I love to add extra volume with clip-in extensions. The extensions I use are also a little bit longer than my natural hair, so I'd say I definitely use clip-ins for both volume and length. It's also very important to me that I apply my hair extensions correctly and style my hair so that the extensions do not tug on my own hair. Clip-ins should not be uncomfortable to wear, so I always make sure to section out my own hair neatly and I backcomb the hair where I am putting the clips in to make sure they stay there securely throughout the day. 

Most importantly, when pregnant, and if you're experiencing hair loss, it's so great to add the extra volume to feel your absolute best! Some days are hard when your entire body is constantly changing and you might not always feel so great. But for me, it really helps just styling my hair and giving it that extra volume that might go missing during pregnancy.

What are your top hair care tips during pregnancy?

My top tips for taking care of your hair during pregnancy is definitely first and foremost to nourish your body properly and to drink plenty of water. I also love to apply a hair mask after showering to make sure I lock in moisture and keep my hair healthy and strong!

Have you experienced hair thinning?

Some methods of hair extensions, like strand by strand, sew-in, or bonded extensions can put added stress on an already weak hair follicle and result in even more hair loss. Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions are the preferred methods for adding volume and length without causing damage. 


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