Quick Tips To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Having thin hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it only takes 2 minutes to blowdry but when it comes to creating voluminous curls you can only really manage the curls part. It doesn’t help either that a lot of thin hair hacks can be frustratingly complicated, especially when you’re in need of a quick fix to the problem. I mean, no one has hours to spend meticulously backcombing and smoothing over their roots and nobody should have to either, right? That’s why we’ve put together some simple but effective ways to plump up your strands without working up a sweat. You’re welcome...

Fill In Your Hairline

The quickest and easiest way to make your hair look thicker is to fill in your hairline with some powder or spray. By colouring in your parting or your hairline, it will create the illusion that your strands are much thicker as less of your scalp will be on show. Our two favourite products for this are the Color Wow Root Cover Up which is a powder you apply with a brush and the L’Oreal Magic Root Cover Up Spray which is also great for adding a faux root to your hair extensions.  

Use Some Texturising Spray

Texturising sprays are, in basic terms, a mix of dry shampoo and hairspray. They’re amazing at adding that beachy style texture while bulking up your strands to give you thicker looking hair. We’d recommend applying it once you’ve finished styling as a last touch, as it will help to give your hair some hold while thickening up your look.  

Back Brush The Lengths

Backcombing can get a bit messy and leave you with more of a birds nest than thick looking locks. Instead, we’d recommend back brushing the lengths of your hair to add a more subtle boost of volume. To do this you’ll need to gently push the brush up in small sections through the lengths of your hair. This will merge your strands together creating the illusion that it’s much thicker.  

Clip In Your Volumizer Weft

If you’re looking to add a quick hit of thickness without having to clip in a full set of hair extensions then our Volumizer weft would be a great option. It’s a single weft with four layers of hair that’s super voluminous and really easy to style. It comes in two lengths, 16-18” and 20-22” but we’d recommend cutting it to the same length as your hair if you’re just looking to add volume.  

Flip It To The Other Side

Ok, so we know this is basic but if you don’t have any products or tools to hand then just flipping your hair over to the opposite side will create loads of volume. This works a lot better if you have a side part because you can flip all your hair over to the other side but switching from a centre to a side part will still give you some lift. Couple this with some texturising spray and you’ll have some seriously big locks.  

Pancake Your Braids

If you have fine hair it can be hard to make your braids look good so it’s really important that you pancake them (pull them out) once you’ve secured them. The idea is that you make your braid flatter, like a pancake but also wider so that it creates the illusion of thicker hair. To do this you need to gently loosen the hair as your work down the braid while pinching and pulling on the braid to make it wider.