Reduced Heat Hairstyling; Heated Rollers

Reminiscing over Gemma Collins’ hilarious famous rant in Big Brother ’16  got us thinking; do heated rollers cause significantly less damage to your hair and hair extensions than your hair straighteners?

Are Heated Rollers Kinder to Hair than Hair Straighteners?

Heated rollers give an obviously different finish to your hair than hair straighteners or curlers. When using hair straighteners, you are compressing the hair to have a smooth, sleek finish; with heated rollers, you are getting a less tamed, more natural but voluminous finish to your hair.

We tested the Cloud9 O Pod Heated Roller Set on our Milk+Blush extensions.

Cloud Nine: The O Pod Heated Roller Set

The O Pod is a renowned tool for creating volume in seconds. With a maximum temperature of 130 degrees, it is promoted to give you healthier, stronger and shinier hair, using the Cloud Nine 'Kinder-Styling' Technology.

There are 5 sizes of velcro rollers available for the Pod ranging from 20mm for a tighter curl; to 60mm for a boost of volume. We would recommend using the larger rollers in your natural hair, and the smaller rollers in your longer hair extensions; this method will give you a more natural blend and a perfect ‘bouncy blow-dry look’. 

The Cloud Nine Amplify Spray is the must-have product to accompany the O Pod. Spray each section of hair and hair extensions before applying the heated roller for an added boost of volume and longer hold. 

How-to Use Heated Rollers

Each roller is charged in the pod for 4 seconds; the Cool-Touch Technology is designed for the roller to heat-up in your hair, not in your hand. As the roller is applied to your hair, the heat is evenly distributed to your section for maximum style and hold.

For extra hold, apply the rollers to your extensions separately the night-before you want to create your voluminous look and let them set overnight. 

To apply the rollers in your hair, the easiest method we used was to divide your hair into three sections; crown, bottom left and bottom right. Starting from the back of the crown and coming forward to the fringe begin applying your rollers. You don’t need to be too meticulous when applying the rollers; to get an even finish, ensure all of the hair is thoroughly detangled before application.

Leave the rollers in for around 15 minutes to cool down and gently roll each section out of the hair roller. Finish the look by applying your pre-styled Milk+Blush extensions and instantly you have a salon-worthy faux-blow dry!


With a drastically reduced temperature, the heated rollers are a great alternative for a lower-heat hairstyle; plus the volume lasted in the hair for several days after it had been styled.

Whilst we love the extra volume created with the heated rollers we would still use our hair straighteners for a sleeker hairstyle, but less often as we now have a great reduced heat hair-styling alternative!