Summer Wedding Hair: 5 Tips to Beat the Heat

If you’re planning on getting hitched this season, we’ve got you covered. Whilst walking down the aisle under the sun sounds like a dream, the humidity and heat that comes hand in hand with that… not so much. With all eyes on you, choosing your perfect do’ for your big day can seem like an impossible task, but, don’t freak out, because we’re here to help you beat the heat with our summer wedding tips and tricks.

The Night Before:

Treat your tresses to some TLC and hydrate your ends with an ultra-nourishing hair treatment the night before the big day. Summer’s UV rays and high temperatures are two factors that can lead to your hair drying out and looking lacklustre, so it is essential to replenish any lost moisture where you can!

Another tip is to step away from the hairdryer and let your locks air dry. Drying naturally will make your hair more manageable when styling the next day, as well as protecting it from unnecessary heat damage.

Take on Texture:

Skip the frizz and consider your natural hair texture when choosing a hairstyle. Humidity is the ultimate do’ undoer, so choose a look that is similar to your natural tresses to keep your hair looking perfect from aisle to reception. For example, for our wavy hair girls, try a mermaid-esque, loose curl to enhance your texture, or for those with straight hair, wear your hair naturally and add clips or hairbands to hold your tresses in place!

Embrace Updos and Braids:

Say yes to updos and braids to summer-proof your look. Keep yourself cool by pinning your hair up and away from your neck - you’ll thank yourself later… i promise.

Whether your wedding is boho, beachy or botanical inspired, an updo is perfect for every bride. Timeless and effortlessly flattering, try a wavy low bun, or a french twist to compliment your wedding OOTD. Add accessories like clips and hairbands to amp up the glam to your updo, or even add extra volume with a set of Seamless clip-ins!

For another fuss-free summer style, a simple woven braid can be a super easy way to create the perfect ethereal bridal look. This style is super popular for hot weather and it’s no wonder why! Braids are ideal for protecting your tresses from humidity and the sun, letting you enjoy your big day worry-free. Dress up braids with flowers and other accessories, add some length and volume with extensions, or even play around with fishtail or french style braids!

Try Half-up Half-down:

22" Ultra-Seamless in Light Sandy Blonde // Vanity Lounge London Bridal

If you’re not a fan of having your hair up, but still want a summer friendly look on the big day, we suggest trying a half-up half-down style. Sweep the top of your hair into a bouncy pony or a tousled bun for the ultimate best of both worlds do’. This look will help to keep you cool whilst allowing you to enjoy your natural length. Clip-in extensions for that extra AF, Rapunzel-like glam.

Invest in a strong-hold hairspray:

24" Seamless in Dark Brown // Kimberly Logie Hair

All you need is love… and a super strong hairspray, because yes, spoiler alert, with humidity comes flyaways and frizz. To ensure you look gorge in every photo, spritz over a coating of hairspray to perfect your look. Avoid an unnatural finish by investing in a high quality spray and use in minimal amounts.