The Best Haircut For Your Hair Type


As much as we love changing up our hairstyle we get that not every cut will work for every person. Different hair types suit different haircuts and depending on how thick or thin your hair is it can look completely different to the celebrity you’re trying to copy. That’s why it’s so important to know your hair type and what works with it so that you can avoid a disaster. Here’s what you need to know...


If You Have Fine Hair

Your hair is: Fine hair is normally lacking in volume and is generally more prone to breakage. An easy way to check whether you have fine hair is to compare a single strand to a piece of sewing thread. If the thread is thicker, then your hair is fine.

Your best haircut is: Blunt cuts are great for fine hair as they’ll make it look thicker and help to bulk out your ends. It’s also best to keep it just past shoulder length or shorter as longer lengths can make thin hair look wispy.
Avoid: If you want to add some extra volume you could get layers around your face but avoid them at the back as they’ll take out too much thickness.


If You Have Thick Hair

Your hair is: Thick hair is full from top to bottom with lots of volume but often feels a little course.

Your best cut is: The main goal of your haircut will be to remove extra bulk so that your hair is easier to style and has more shape. Long layers work perfectly for this as they help to add loads of movement but will take the thickness out of your ends.
Avoid: Blunt ends as they’ll add too much weight and will drag your hair down.


If You Have Curly Hair

Your hair is: Naturally curly, thick and very voluminous.

Your best cut is: If you have curly hair then you definitely want to go for some layers to get a graduated finish that’s super flattering. You can go for short styles but long curly hair is a lot easier to manage as it will help to weigh down your locks.

Avoid: Blunt cuts can create a triangle shape because your hair is so thick so they’re definitely worth avoiding!

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