The Best Oils For Your Hair Type


Natural oils are a bit of a beauty buzz ingredient right now and seem to be taking over our hair and skincare routines like nothing else. Coconut oil especially is our go-to product for everything and if we’re not eating it then we’re slathering it on our tresses. It’s not a one size fits all approach though, so today we thought we’d break it down and help you find the best oil for your hair type.

Before we get into it there are some rules about using oils in your hair that are worth sticking to. Not all of these oils are comedogenic (pore blocking) but it’s still important not to go overboard. A little goes a long way! You also want to try and apply them as evenly as possible so that the bulk of the oil isn’t concentrated in one place. Section your hair and use a comb to evenly distribute the oils throughout the lengths for the best results.

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The Best Oil For Thin Hair?

For fine hair types the main thing you’ll need to be wary of is weighing down your locks with something heavy. It’s better to concentrate the oil through the lengths and ends of your hair rather than at the scalp to avoid making your hair look limp. The molecular structure of Jojoba Oil is really similar to the natural sebum that your follicles produce so it’s perfect for your hair type. It’s also antibacterial and will help to keep your scalp super healthy.

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The Best Oil For Thick Hair?

Thicker hair tends to be more on the drier side and needs something super nourishing to prevent frizz. Argan Oil is heavy, so it’s perfect for moisturising thick tresses and amazing at treating damage too. You could also check out Macadamia Oil as it’s full of fatty acids and is heavy enough to control your hair and keep it looking shiny.

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The Best Oil For Dry Hair?

Natural oils are perfect for dry hair and can help to keep it looking shinier and healthier for longer. Argan Oil is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids so it’s really moisturising and perfect for dry hair types. It’s also rich in Vitamin E which works to repair damage to the hair and prevent split ends. Another oil that’s perfect for dry hair is Camellia Oil which comes from the Japanese Camellia flower. It’s very high in Oleic Acid so it’s super moisturising and will help to nourish your scalp and soothe itchiness. Last up, try the beauty guru’s favourite Coconut Oil. It can penetrate the hair cuticle and cortex because of its low molecular weight which helps to seal and nourish your dry strands as well as prevent damage.

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The Best Oil For Frizzy Hair?

Frizz happens when your hair is really dry and, in some cases, damaged so to fight it it’s important to keep your hair as nourished as possible. Rose Oil is very moisturising and helps to smooth and seal the cuticle to keep your hair from frizzing out. You can also try Argan Oil as it’s rich in fatty acids and will help to make your hair more manageable and shiny.

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The Best Oil For Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair is way more porous and can’t hold on to moisture as much as healthy hair. Using oils will seal the cuticle and help you retain some much needed moisture. Macadamia Oil contains squalene which is a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps to nourish and moisturise your scalp. It’s also full of fatty acids including Omega 6 and 9 which are really moisturising and perfect for damaged hair. We’d also recommend Olive Oil as it’s also really moisturising and will sink into your locks to give them a much smoother appearance.

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The Best Oil For Oily Hair?

No, not a typo. You can still use oil even if you have oily hair and it might actually work to balance sebum production and make your scalp less oily. Is this making sense? Tea Tree in particular helps to regulate oil production which is why it’s often used to treat acne. It contains an astringent called tannic acid which prevents sebum from building up and blocking your pores. Just remember that as it’s super strong you’ll need to mix the Tea Tree with a carrier oil like Coconut to avoid any irritation.

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The Best Oil For A Sensitive Scalp / Dandruff?

For a super sensitive scalp check out Kalahari Melon Seed Oil. It’s super moisturising as it’s rich in Omega 9 but also gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. As it’s rich in Vitamin E it will help to soothe irritation and combat dandruff too. Alternatively, Lemongrass Oil has been shown to significantly reduce dandruff in just one week, making it the best choice to beat the flakes. It’s also super soothing and perfect for calming an irritated scalp.

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The Best Oil For Hair Growth?

There are quite a few oils that are said to boost hair growth depending on your main concerns. The most popular is Castor Oil as it’s rich in fatty acids and helps to moisturise the follicles while increasing blood flow. Baobab Oil is also really good for boosting hair growth. It’s very high in Vitamins A, D, E and F as well as fatty acids which help to boost cell rejuvenation and encourage your hair to grow. You could also try Rosemary Oil as it boosts cellular metabolism and stimulates hair growth. Lavender Oil has also been shown to improve the number of hair follicles and deepen them for stronger, healthier hair growth. We wouldn’t advise using all of these in one go (eek) but you can switch it up and test out different ones to see what works for you.


The Best Oil For Dull Hair?

The best part about using hair oils is that they can help you achieve an otherworldly amount of shine. Almond Oil is an emollient and fills in the gaps in your hair at a cellular level so it’s perfect for making your hair look really healthy. Argan Oil is also amazing for adding shine and is easy to find in lots of hair products. One of our fave hacks is spraying oil over freshly curled hair which Chrissy Teigen’s hair stylist Giannandrea swears by.


The Best Oil For Heat Protection?

Ok so when we first read that natural oils could be used as a heat protectant we were a little sceptical too but it turns out this weird hack is actually a thing. You just need to make sure you’re using an oil with a high smoke point so that you’re covered when using heat tools. The best ones to use are Almond Oil which has a smoke point of 255°C and Olive Oil at 191°C. Ideally you shouldn’t use anything hotter than 185°C on your hair to avoid damage so you’re well within the smoke point of these oils. You just have to make sure that you coat your hair as evenly as possible to avoid causing any damage.