The Power Of Milk + Blush Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a great way to transform your look. Whether you’re dreaming of Rapunzel worthy length or TV ad volume and thickness it can all be within reach with a trusty set of Milk + Blush Hair Extensions.


It goes without saying that hair extensions are primarily and classically used to lengthen hair (hence the name, obvs) and with ‘Cher hair’ being a huge trend right now it’s definitely something that’s great to experiment with. To create amazing length in minutes simply clip in an M+B set, use a straightener to blend your own hair into the wefts and you’re good to go!

Here at Milk + Blush we offer a range of different lengths: 12-14”, 16-18”, 20-22” and 24-26” so you’re guaranteed to find the right length for you.


Volume and Thickness

We’ve all been there; your hair is flat, lifeless and in need of a little oomph. Not all of us are blessed with super thick hair and hey, that’s okay! Luckily for us girls Milk + Blush Hair Extensions are here to save the day and give us that supermodel thickness and volume. Plus, the great thing is our extensions are sooo natural looking no one will even know you’re wearing them. We won’t tell if you don’t!

We offer a range of different sets with a variety of thicknesses so you can get the best set for your hair type. The Classic and Superior Sets are great for those gals who want a little extra thickness and volume while the Quad Weft and the Special Edition Extra Thick Quad Weft sets are great for those who want to achieve a more dramatic look.


Not Just For Length!

It’s a common misconception that hair extensions are only suited to those who want to add length. Here at M+B HQ we love a good lob or bob and we haven’t forgotten about those of you who love to rock your shorter hair. Celebrity stylists have used Milk + Blush Hair Extensions to style famous faces such as Caroline Flack and Zara Larsson to add thickness and volume to their lobs or mid length hair.

To get the look simply take your set (we recommend the Classic Set in the length 12-14”) to your stylist and ask them to cut the wefts to match your own hair length. Trust me, your lob will never look the same again!


Achieving Pinterest Worthy Hairstyles

Have you ever seen a hairstyle on Pinterest that looks amazing but equally impossible to do? Maybe it’s a super thick braid or a complicated and intricate updo. Chances are the person rocking that insane hairstyle is wearing hair extensions. Adding M+B wefts to a hairstyle can completely transform it and you can also use a set to create a style that would be completely out of reach with your own hair. Maybe you have a lob cut but want to wear a super long and thick braid, or maybe it’s an updo for a special occasion where you want your hair to make an impact. Simply clip in a few wefts and you’re good to go!


The power of hair extensions is seriously impressive. Not only do a set of hair extensions transform your look physically but a lot of our Milk + Blush Babes say that their set makes them feel super confident! What more could you ask for?