These K-Beauty Hair Hacks Will Totally Change Your Life

k-beauty-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush We may not have a 12 step skincare routine but that doesn’t mean that we’re not totally obsessed with K-Beauty. Korea is the best place to look for all the latest trends as they’re so much further ahead with their beauty technology and are way more experimental with their looks. The same goes for K-Beauty hair tutorials and we’ve been watching them on repeat this week to find some new hacks and ideas that we can try out for ourselves. We’ve popped our faves below that we think you guys will love and they include some really great tips that you could definitely work into your routine...
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Perfect Natural Waves

This is such an easy way to create some loose waves and one of the easiest tutorials on the list. They’re a little more dressy than your classic beachy waves and are so quick to create so they’re perfect for work or when you don’t have much time to get ready. The key thing to remember is to leave a slightly bigger gap between the bends for a looser wave rather than a beachy, textured look so remember this when you’re styling. Polished Pony If wrapping a piece of hair around the base of your pony is getting really boring then this is a great alternative that’s way easier than it looks. It creates a little fan above the elastic that’s really unusual but looks super sophisticated. It’ll also be a great look to do with second day hair as it’ll make the most of all that extra texture and will help to disguise greasy roots. The Fake Blow Dry Nothing makes your hair look as healthy as a classic blow dry but sometimes it’s just way too much time and effort! This quick hack fakes a really similar effect and adds loads of volume through the lengths of your hair in no time at all. You just need to split it into three ponytails and curl each one before letting them drop, so easy! Instant Root Lift If your hair is really flat at the root then this quick hack is a great way to get instant volume. You just need to slide some clips into your hairline to hold your hair up and then blow dry it to set the hair in place. Once you’re done you could also add some dry shampoo for a little extra texture and even more volume. Twisted Blow Dry If trying to achieve a perfect blow out from wet to dry is impossible for you then this hack will be a total life saver. You can start with dry hair and all you need to do is twist each section as it comes off the brush to create these effortless waves. Just make sure you twist away from your face for the most flattering finish and use a big round brush for a softer look. How insane are these hacks? We literally can’t get enough of K-Beauty tutorials and they’re all so easy! We can’t wait to try them out and work them into our hair routine! If you liked this post we’ve got loads more hair hacks here that we think you’ll love and don’t forget to let us know your favourite look in the comments :)