This is Why You Should Wash Your Hair Brush...


We all know that regular trims, avoiding the straighteners and using masks will improve our hair health but turns out there’s something pretty major we’ve been neglecting all along. Apparently we should be scrubbing our hair brush just like we do our makeup brushes if we want healthy, shiny looking hair. This might sound like the biggest faff but in the long run it’ll be so worth it, here’s why...

Greasy Hair Beware

The first and most important reason why you need to wash your brush is because if it’s dirty then you’re literally sweeping all that grime back onto your hair. This is especially true if you’re shampooing less and using dry shampoo more as it’s a really heavy product that will cling to the bristles. This could be why your hair’s getting greasy way quicker than normal too.

What’s Lurking Within

Dermatologist Francesca Fusco told Allure magazine "Residue, dead skin cells, and oil colonise the brush and can be a nidus for bacteria and yeast, which in general is not good and can smell unpleasant." Can you even cope with how gross that is? And it’s also pretty bad for your hair as all that excess dirt around the hair follicles could lead to inflammation or, even worse, infection. Eek!

More Damage Than Good

Not only is a dirty brush germy but regular washing will ensure that it’s working at its best. Your brush’s job is to detangle and smooth the cuticle so that your hair looks super sleek. Clumps of dead skin cells and product on the bristles can snag on your hair and lead to damage so rather than doing your locks a favour you’ll be making them look worse.

Washing your brush isn’t much of a chore though and shouldn’t take you long either. You can use your regular shampoo to clean them as it’s perfect for removing oil, hair product build up and dirt. It’s also hair friendly so you won’t leave any nasty chemicals on there that could dry out your strands. The best way to tell if your brush needs a wash is to look at the bristles, if there’s lots of product buildup or hair then it’s time for a scrub! To get you going here’s a step by step guide of how to wash your hairbrush that’s super quick and easy to follow.


Step 1

Take the end of a comb or a pencil if you don’t have one and push it underneath the hair on the brush to lift it from the bristles.


Step 2

Take a pair of scissors and snip the hair in the middle to make it easier to remove. For round brushes you can cut on either side to make the removal process a little bit easier. Next peel back the hair to remove it.


Step 3

To wash the bristles fill up your sink or a bowl with warm water and add a few pumps of shampoo.


Step 4

For plastic brushes you can fully submerge them and really scrub the bristles to get rid of any buildup. Pay close attention to the top, especially behind the beads as this can be a trap for dirt. If your brush has a wooden base, just dip your bristles in and work the shampoo into them with your hands to avoid weakening the wood.


Step 5

Lay your brushes bristle side down on a clean towel and leave them to dry completely before using them. If you can’t wait that long you can always cheat and blast them with your hair dryer instead. Done!