This Is Why Your High Ponytail Keeps Dropping…


How many times have you left the house with a super high, snatched pony only to find that an hour later it’s completely dropped? It’s the most annoying thing, especially if you’ve spent ages getting it right but it’s probably because you’re making some key mistakes. It’s all about getting it super secure in the beginning and using the right tools that will really hold your hair in place. Being pony experts we thought we’d help you guys out by filling you in on the four main reasons why your ponytail keeps dropping and how you can fix them...


You’re Not Using A Bungee

This may sound like a really small thing but it’ll make the biggest difference in helping to hold your pony in place. When you tie your hair with a regular elastic it can slip down as you’re pulling your hair through it and it’s way harder to get it really tight. If you switch to a bungee elastic you’ll be able to hold your pony in place as you’re tying it and can pull the bungee really tight so that your pony doesn’t slip. You just need to make sure that you hook the clip on the end really securely into your hair before you start to get the right tension.


You’re Not Propping It Up

This is a really good shout for fine hair and will help to give you that voluminous, ditsy style pony that Kim K loves wearing. All you need to do is push two bobby pins into the back of your ponytail, through the elastic and it’ll push up the hair for a way fuller effect. This is really simple and you can use as many bobby pins as you like to create as much lift as your hair needs.


You’re Not Making An Anchor Pony

This is the number one hack that will totally change your ponytail game and will hold your hair in place forever. An anchor pony is basically a smaller pony that you make first before gathering the rest of your hair around it and it helps to literally anchor your hair in place to stop it from dropping. All you need to do is take a small section of hair in a circle around the point where you want your ponytail to sit and secure it with an elastic. Once this is done you can then take the rest of your hair and tie it in a ponytail over the top to hold everything in place.

We have a tutorial on using the anchor pony technique with your M+B hair extensions here if you want to watch. You can use this hack with or without extensions but they’re obviously a great way to add some extra length and volume to your look.


You’re Not Adding Texture

Just as thick hair can be a struggle to hold in a high pony, the same goes for fine hair as it’s often really soft and smooth. To combat this we’d recommend spraying some texturising spray through the lengths of your hair before you start creating your pony. This will help to give the elastic more to hold onto and it’ll be way less likely to slip out of place. If you’re not sure what to use we’d recommend the OUAI Texturising Hairspray for this which really helps to build volume and texture while giving your hair some extra staying power.


These steps are really simple but they’ll make a huge difference and will really help to hold your ponytail in place for longer. If you loved this one then click here for more hair hacks and make sure to share your high pony with us on the gram @milkandblush :)