Top 10 Milk + Blush Hair Tutorials For NYE


We can't believe that 2019 is nearly over but there's nothing we love more than looking back on 12 months of tutorials to get some hair inspiration. Today we thought we'd put together a list of the top 10 Milk + Blush hair tutorials that are perfect for New Year's Eve. 

So whether you've got hours to get ready, are dashing from work or are doing something more lowkey - we've got you totally covered. These step by step tutorials are so easy to follow and you can use your Milk + Blush hair extensions to add all the length, thickness and confidence you need.

Braided Bun Updo

This is one of our most recent tutorials that's really flattering and totally low maintenance. You can create it with or without the dutch braid, depending on how good your hair skills are! But the chic low bun is the perfect partner to a glamorous party dress.


Low Ponytail With Chains

If you're a lover of trends and want to really make an impact with your party look then this is going to be the tutorial for you. Justine Marjan created the original hairstyle for the Christian Siriano NYFW show but it's quickly become the most pinned look of 2019. We picked up the clips from ASOS and they're so easy to use!


Kim Kardashian's Sleek Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian's signature sleek hair is as timeless as it is easy to master and perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend much time on their NYE hairstyle. We also used our 24-26" Superior Set to add as much length as possible while keeping the hair thick from roots to ends.


IGK Holographic Foam

If you're more fashion forward and creative with your looks then the IGK Holographic Foam is a perfect NYE product that will take your hair to the next level. It creates a glittery, oil slick effect on your strands that's totally otherworldly while looking incredible in pictures.


Hair Accessory Hairstyles

If you've got a ton of hair accessories but aren't sure what to do with them then we're about to change that with this tutorial. These insanely pretty looks will make the most of your glitzy accessories while being way easier to achieve than they look. The crimped waves with the hairclip is our favourite!


Ultra Long Low Pony With Clips

If you've got really thick or long hair then a low pony is way easier to achieve than a high one while being way more chic. Using the clips from the Justine Marjan x My Kitsch collection we created this pretty party look that's insanely flattering.


Faux Highlights

If you really want to switch up your look then creating some faux highlights with your hair extensions could be the perfect option. It's also a damage free way to experiment with colour while adding loads of length and thickness to your strands.


Quick Curls

If you're going to your NYE party straight from work and don't have much time then this quick tutorial will help you to achieve effortless curls in minutes.


Swept Back Waves

This look was inspired by one of Gigi Hadid's red carpet hairstyles and it's so insanely glamorous. If you have a really glitzy dress or want to wear some statement earrings then this hairstyle would be perfect while being seriously low maintenance.


90s Sleek High Ponytail

If you want something a little more relaxed but still on-trend then we'd definitely recommend the 90s power ponytail. This was one of Bella Hadid's favourite hairstyles in 2019 and it's effortlessly cool, especially with a 90s inspired outfit to match.