Tricks To Hide Clip-In Hair Extensions


If you’re not that familiar with hair extensions, you probably don’t realise that hair extensions are literally, everywhere! Clip in hair extensions are ah-mazing for adding length, volume and subtle shades throughout your tresses and are the kindest method of hair extension to use, too. It’s no surprise that clip in hair extensions are super popular and if you’re a fan, we’re here with some tips and tricks to hide your hair extensions for a flawless finish...

Clip in hair extensions may require a little extra work to make sure that they a completely undetectable when they are fitted however the results of dreamy hair make the extra work, totally worth it. Plus, we’re on hand with some top tips to make hiding those wefts even easier...

Tips and Tricks To Hide Clip In Hair Extensions #1

Our top tip for hiding clip in hair extensions is of course, finding the right match! And if you can't find it? Create it! Everyone’s hair is unique and has soo many different shades/tones so if you find it difficult to find a match from our set shades, remember you can mix up shades too! Highlight and Blusher Wefts are ah-mazing for adding subtle lowlights/highlights throughout your hair extensions without having to pick up a bottle of dye. If you’re a little stuck on what shade to opt for, give our super friendly customer care team an email at [email protected] and they will be happy to help out. Alternatively, check out our shadematcher page right here for some inspo on what all of our gorgeous shades can work with.

Tips and Tricks To Hide Clip In Hair Extensions #2

Another tip that we swear by? Having your clip in hair extensions trimmed to blend with your natural hair. This is super important if you have tonnes of layers or razored ends for a super natural finish - it’s a total giveaway that you’re wearing hair extensions if they aren’t styled like the rest of your head. Most stylist prefer to cut clip in hair extensions when they are fitted to ensure a flawless finish - just be sure to let them know if they are pulling at your extennies a little too much.


Tips and Tricks To Hide Clip In Hair Extensions #3

Now, if you hair is super fine and soft - you may find that sometimes your clips can slip and the grip doesn’t feel so secure as there isn’t enough hair to cling on to. If this is the case, simply tease the hair around where you want to clip your hair extensions in or you can spritz your hair with some dry shampoo to add some grip so those clips stay put. *Top Tip* - If the hair that is covering your wefts is a little thin, tease that section of hair as well so that your wefts don’t peek through.

Tips and Tricks To Hide Clip In Hair Extensions #4

Last but not least, a top tip used by celeb stylists come in the form of root concealer. This is a super easy and fast way to help disguise the top of the wefts on clip in hair extensions. This works amazingly well if you’re creating a complicated hairstyle such as a braid or top knot. You can get root concealer from most drug stores and in an array of different shades, too! What’s not to love apart?! : )

Do you have any tricks to help disguise your clip in hair extensions? : )