Tried & Tested: Revlon One Step Hair Styler

revlon-one-step-hair-dryer-main-tutorial-and-review How many times have you given up trying to blow dry your hair because the sheer amount of effort is just TOO much? If your hair is longer than shoulder length it can be seriously time-consuming to get the perfect finish and way trickier than your stylist makes it look.  In the quest for an easy blow-dry experience, we decided to try one of the most hyped products on the internet, the Revlon One-Step Styler. It’s been an Amazon bestseller for months and is currently one of the biggest trending hair products on Google. Despite launching in 2016, its really taken off in the last year as more and more people are learning about its insane styling credentials. Here’s what you need to know... revlon-one-step-hair-dryer-step-1-tutorial-and-review Price: The Revlon Styler is £59.99 which isn’t super expensive considering it’s something you’ll use regularly. It’s also one of the best budget dupes for the Dyson Air Wrap which at £399.99 is way more expensive. It claims to: The Revlon Styler is a 2-in-1 styling tool that detangles and dries your hair while creating a classic blow-dry finish. It has a ceramic coating and ionic technology that will evaporate water way quicker than your regular hairdryer and with less damage to your strands. The oval shape and handle make it really easy to style your hair while making it smoother, shinier and frizz free. It also has three temperature settings, which include a cold shot so that you can set your hair in place once you’ve finished styling. revlon-one-step-hair-dryer-step-1-tutorial-and-review To use the Revlon Hair Styler you’ll need to start by prepping your wet hair with a heat protectant. We love the Color Wow Dreamcoat which is a heat-activated styling product. It protects your hair from frizz and humidity so that your style lasts longer. Once you’ve applied it, you then want to comb it through your hair to make sure it’s evenly distributed and that you’ve removed any tangles. Then you can section your hair ready to start styling. revlon-one-step-hair-dryer-step-1-tutorial-and-review You want to start by taking a small section of hair and placing the styler as close to your roots as you can, underneath that section. Then you want to twist the styler away from you as you pull it down the section to lock the hair into the bristles. Repeat this process until the section is completely dry and looks smooth and shiny. To create a blow-dry effect you can roll the ends of your hair under as you’re drying each section. revlon-one-step-hair-dryer-step-1-tutorial-and-review

What Rhian Thought….

There was so much hype about this styler that I had to try it and I’m so glad that I did. My first impression was that it was a bit too chunky and awkward to use but I was so wrong, it's the perfect size! The large brush allows you to take big sections of hair so it dries faster. I prefer taking smaller sections though and concentrating on these smaller sections for a bit longer so that all the hair is doing what I want it to. It also has a handy nose at the top of the styler so that you can use both hands while styling which gives way more control. The bristles are great at detangling and don't pull at all, which is another big plus. I started with wet hair and found that the styler needed just a few brushes through each section before it was completely dry. It literally took half the time to dry my hair with the styler compared to using a hairdryer, which is so incredible. Once my hair was dry I did go over the sections a few more times to ensure the style was set and to smooth any flyaways. The only awkward thing I found was that the heat settings were super awkward to change while styling your hair. They aren't anywhere near your fingers, they’re down at the bottom of the styler beneath your palm. Apart from that I'd give it an 8½/10. It made drying my hair a much quicker and easier process and I liked that my hair was styled and ready to go, I didn't even have to straighten it. Amazing!