Ultra Glam Christmas Hair And Make Up Look


If you're anything like us then we're guessing that you'll take Christmas as an opportunity to go all out with your hair and makeup look. Sure, your family might not appreciate your contour or braided updo as much as your friends would, but that's what selfies are for, right?  

This Christmas we've created an insanely chic updo and glowy, supermodelesque makeup look that's as flattering as it is glamorous. We used the 3 clip and Volumizer weft from our new Superior set to add some extra volume but you can use as many wefts as you need to in order to get the right thickness. We can't imagine a more perfect hairstyle for the party season and if you feel the same then hit play on the video below to get the look at home!

christmas-hair-tutorial christmas-hair-tutorialchristmas-hair-tutorial