Vegan Hair Products: Haircare That Actually Cares

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard the word ‘vegan’ in the last couple of years. If you’re wondering what it actually means, The Vegan Society defines it as “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” Whether motivated by animal rights, environmental reasons or health benefits, the number of people leading partial or fully vegan lifestyles is soaring, particularly in the millennial generation. With that in mind, it’s perhaps no surprise that the demand for cruelty free products has grown substantially. Amazing news for those of us that want to have great hair days but without the guilt, a wide range of vegan haircare brands are now emerging. A bit like heading to your favourite shop when there’s a sale on, finding the best vegan hair products involves some digging – so to make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites and how to go about using them. From cruelty free shampoo to leave-in masks, there’s a vegan product for every step of your haircare routine.


What: Beauty Kubes

Who: Eve of St Agnes

Beauty Kubes

Why: Cruelty, plastic and waste free, these shampoo cubes are an innovation in the haircare world. Also free from sulphates and silicones, these little cubes are full of naturally derived ingredients that your hair will love. An easy way to kick-start your vegan haircare routine.

How: Simply take 1 cube into the shower (2 if you’ve got thicker hair). Crumble in your palms and rub together to form a paste. Massage into hair until it lathers, as you would with normal shampoo. Rinse well.


What: To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner

Who: Noughty

Noughty | To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner

Why: A top pick from Noughty (who are proud to be a 100% vegan haircare brand) this best-seller is great for deep conditioning and transforming dry locks. Key ingredients include sweet almond extract and shea butter, which work to seal in moisture and fortify every strand of hair.

How: Wash hair and squeeze out any excess moisture. Divide a 10p-sized amount of conditioner between palms, rub together and then spread onto your hair (starting at the mid-lengths and ends). Leave for a minute or two and then rinse.


What: Oil Non Oil

Who: Davines

Davines | Oil Non Oil

Why: A saviour for controlling frizz, this finishing oil contains almond proteins to moisturise hair and minimise static. Plus, as it’s super lightweight, this product is suitable for fine hair too. Perfect if you’re looking for a vegan friendly way to keep your tresses looking sleek and dreamy all day.

How: Works best on damp hair (it acts as a heat protectant too). Add a few drops to your palms, rub together and work through hair.


What: The Reincarnation Mask

Who: BLEACH London

BLEACH London | Reincarnation Mask

Why: Particularly great for coloured or bleached hair, this intense treatment will bring dried out locks back to life. Thanks to sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins, this vegan hair mask will enhance shine, vibrancy and sleekness.

How: Apply to freshly washed hair, comb through and then massage in. Simply leave on for 10 to 20 minutes (in a warm towel wrap if you prefer) and then rinse.


What: Thermal Protection Spray

Who: Sachajuan

Sachajuan | Thermal Protection Spray

Why: Keen to protect your hair and improve its manageability? Using ‘Ocean Silk technology’ (proteins and minerals derived from sea algae) this vegan spray smooths hair strands whilst guarding against thermal damage. It will even enhance the vibrancy of coloured hair.

How: Shake well. Hold the can 20-30cm away from your head and spray evenly through dry hair. (When using any thermal protection product, make sure it’s dry before styling with hot tools – otherwise the liquid will heat up and damage your hair).


What: Perfect Volume Blowout Jelly

Who: Naturelab TokyoNaturelab TOKYO | Perfect Volume Blowout Jelly

Why: The key to healthy looking hair is nourishing the scalp. Luckily, this vegan haircare product is made up of apple stem cells and proteins that fortify and heal hair follicles (meaning it supports healthy hair growth from the source). Great if your locks need a bit of ‘oomph’. Oh, and it smells like cherry blossom too!

How: Simply apply to damp hair and blow dry for full, bouncy locks.

Whether you’ve been leading a vegan lifestyle for some time, tried your hand at Veganuary or are simply keen to make positive changes where you can, there are vegan haircare products for every budget. Hopefully, we’ve given you a little inspiration for where to start, even if that means changing just one small corner of your bathroom cabinet… Want to learn more about haircare? Browse some of our other articles on healthy hair habits and how to save money on your hair routine