What To Do If You Hate Your New Haircut

We’ve all been there, staring at our reflection in the insanely unflattering salon mirror wondering why on earth we just let someone butcher our hair. It’s so heartbreaking and it can be really hard to know what to do when you find yourself in that situation. Do you tell them? Do you just wait for it to grow? It’s such a struggle but crying all the way home from the hairdressers isn’t going to make it any better.

As hair obsessed as we are in the Milk + Blush office, we’ve had our fair share of salon disasters. From regrets about bangs, to jet black hair dye and snapping strands we’ve experienced just about everything. So to help any of you out who are in the same position, we’ve put together a few of our best tips for when you hate your new haircut.

Tell Your Stylist

A tip for the future is to be honest about how you feel while you’re still at the salon. Is it awkward? Absolutely but it’s better to let them know before you leave so that they can try and fix it. If it’s already too late then don’t be ashamed to go back and tell them either. If you explain exactly what you’re unhappy with they’ll be able to make some changes so that it’s more wearable. Just make sure that you approach it in the calmest way possible as getting angry isn’t helpful! You’ll want to make sure you’re explaining exactly what you don’t like about it and what you want to change so that you can get the best result.

Try Out Different Styles

Sometimes just washing and restyling your hair can make you feel so much better, especially if it’s too straight or you’ve got a very voluminous blow dry. Washing and styling it at home can make a big difference and will help you to feel more like yourself. It might not be the hairstyle itself but more the initial shock and the way the hairstylist has styled it that’s killing your vibe.

Utilise Hair Accessories

One of the girls in the office recently got curtain bangs and instantly regretted it. Her best tip? Hair accessories. You can hide your bangs so easily with bobby pins, hair clips or hairbands and its lucky that they’re so on-trend right now too. Pick up a few things that match your personal style and experiment with a few ways you can style your hair using them. Pinterest is also a great place for hair inspiration!

Invest In Good Styling Products

If you want your hair to grow back as quickly as possible then you need to make sure you’re investing in your hair and taking good care of it. Using products that will nourish your hair, protect your colour and replenish moisture will help to keep your hair healthy. If you’re trying to grow out your hair then we’d also recommend getting a good heat protectant like the GHD Heat Protect Spray which will prevent your hair getting damaged. You’ll also want to use a replenishing hair mask like the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask to keep your hair topped up with moisture.

Braids Hide Everything

If it’s layers or the overall cut that you’re not happy with then braids are a perfect solution for hiding it until your hair grows. You can even braid very short hair so this is a great option for everyone that you can use to hide your haircut. Dutch braids are the easiest as they’ll help to catch all your hair and you start as close to your hairline as you need to while using really small sections.

Don’t Neglect It

We get that if you’ve had a really bad experience that the thought of another haircut is terrifying but you need to make sure you’re looking after it. In order for it to stay healthy, it’s important that you’re getting regular haircuts to remove the split ends and that you’re keeping on top of your roots if you colour it. Having a hair disaster means you need to give your hair even more attention than normal and trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run.