What to Do With Your Old Hair Extensions

old hair extensions If you’re a hair hoarder like us, then we’re sure you’ll have masses of old hair extensions tucked away in a drawer somewhere, never to be worn again. Unlike old clothes, we can’t just bag them up and send them to the nearest charity bin, besides we love them too much to be able to part ways with them!

That’s why we have come up with ten things you can do to rekindle your love with your old hair extensions. Better yet, all you need is a few pins, elastics and a hefty can of hairspray to turn your matted hair pieces into accessories your hair stylist would be proud of! So go and put your innovative eye on and get styling!

1.) Make a Rat
One of our favourite things to do with your old hair extensions is to make a rat out of them, and no we don’t mean a stuffed animal! Used by stylists everywhere, a rat can give you instant volume and add gorgeous body to your hairstyles. Follow the step-by-step guide to making a rat here.

make a rat hair piece with old hair extensions

2.) Use Silicone Coating Spritz

Want to revive your old hair extensions? Then give them a mist of the silicone coating spritz for hair extensions. This revolutionary daily maintenance spray helps to make hair extensions soft and maintain their lustrous shine for as long as possible. It's also especially great at eliminating tangles and preventing hair extensions from matting. Want in on this miracle-working, tangle buster? Then click here to get yours now.

What to do with your old hair extensions

3.) Braided Headband
We love a chunky braid, and there’s no better way to accomplish the braided crown than to cheat with an old hair extension! To make your braided headband, take a thin plastic headband and your longest and most thickest hair extension that matches your current hair shade. Then tie one end of the extension to one end of the headband and secure with a small hair elastic. Finally, split the extension into three strands (include the headband in one of them) and complete a standard braid along the headband. Once you have reached the end, tie with another small hair elastic. Et voila! Super chic braided headband that's remarkably easy to create!

braided headband

4.) Hair Bow
Add a feminine touch to your hairstyle by making a hair bow out of your old hair extensions. Although you may need a steady hand and a bit of patience, the result is definitely worth it and is much easier than trying to attempt the hair bow with your actual hair! You’ll need two old pieces of hair extensions and a small hair elastic to create your hair bow. Begin by cutting the clips off one of the hair pieces and laying it down flat. Then take both ends and fold them in towards the centre and tie with a small hair elastic. This should create the loops to your bow. Finally, take your second hair piece and wrap it around the centre and the hair elastic to fasten the hair bow. You can use the hair clips to this hair piece to secure to your ponytail or whichever hairstyle you please.

hair bow with hair extensions

5.) Chalk Hair Extensions
Inject a pop of colour to your hair extensions by chalking them. Yes, you heard right, take a couple of coloured chalks and chalk the ends of your hair extensions. It’s the easiest way to play around with pastels without the commitment! Top Tip: Dampen the hair extensions before chalking as this will encourage the chalk to stick to the hair better.

6.) Dread Hair Extensions
If you’ve always been curious to know what you’d look like with dreadlocks then why not envisage the look by dreading your old hair extensions?

7.) Ombre Ends
Ombre hair is everywhere! We’ve seen girls rushing in their masses to their nearest hair salon to get the Caroline Flack look But if you don’t want to fully commit to the hair trend, then you can always dip dye the ends of your old hair extensions. Not only will you become part of one of the most coveted hair trends of the year, you can also leave it behind and go back to your natural hair shade when ombre does finally decide to fade out. Just remember that hair extensions can only be dyed one or two or darker and cannot be bleached.

what to do with old hair extensions

8.) Messy Bun
We love a good top knot and a messy bun is the perfect option for days when we just can’t be bothered! So we couldn’t be happier to learn that we can make a faux messy bun with our old hair extensions. No more knots and tangles for us to tackle!

9.) Strand Tests
If you’re a DIY colour addict then you will know how important it is to perform a strand test on your hair before dying all of your hair. So why not put your old hair extensions to good use and perform strand tests on them instead?

10.) Make Your Own Bangs
Fancy seeing what you look like with a full fringe? Then make your own bangs with your old hair extensions. Take your thickest weft (quad) and clip from ear to ear. Use the hair from the crown of your head to hide the clips. Then cut and shape into your desired style. This way you can see what style of bangs to choose and whether they actually suit you, before going for the chop.

There’s plenty of things you can do with your old hair extensions, so there’s no excuse for not  taking them out of their dusty box and transforming them into the latest hair accessory etc. What do you do with your old hair extensions?