Why Clip-In Hair Extensions Are The Healthiest Choice For Your Hair

milk_and_blush_blog_healthiest-hair-extensions-for-your-hair-clip-insBad haircuts, heat damage and bleaching can all leave your hair looking a little worse for wear and in need of some TLC. It makes sense that you would want to fix the problem with extensions until it all grows out and as a permanent solution glue ins can be really tempting but opting for clip-ins will save you from more damage and are way less hassle in the long term. Here’s why…

There’s less strain on the follicle

Clip-in extensions put way less strain on your hair than any other hair extension method so they’re super gentle. This means your hair will be able to grow at its normal pace but you’ll also have the option of changing up your look when you need to.

You can pick the right amount of hair for you

If your hair is around shoulder length then you’ll want to go for 12-14” or 16-18” as this will give you the most natural look and will be super light on your locks. If you have particularly fine hair, you don’t have to use all the wefts either - just a quad weft and two 2-clip wefts could be enough to fill in your hair, without being too heavy. Clip ins give you the option of being able to tailor make a set depending on your day-to-day hair needs so they’re way more flexible than permanent extensions.

Why Clip-In Hair Extensions Are The Healthiest Choice For Your Hair-milk-and-blush-1You can take them out

As you can take clip-ins out it allows you to give your hair a break in between wearing them so that you can keep it as healthy as possible. This means you’re free to use masks and treatments whenever and will be putting minimum strain on your hair follicles. Sleeping in a bobble can damage your hair so you can only imagine what bonded extensions will do.

Less heat damage

Styling your hair extensions before you clip them in will help to save your natural hair from all that heat styling. You might want to mimic your natural hair texture though, whether that’s wavy or straight so you get a good blend.

Ombre might be a good shout

If you’re growing out over bleached hair then one of our ombre sets might be the best shout. They’ll match your ends without you having to worry about your root growth so you can wear them for way longer.

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