Why Your Hair Looks Greasy After Air Drying…

If you’re trying to grow your hair or improve its condition then avoiding heat tools is super important. One of the biggest offenders is the humble blow dryer which is why so many of us are ditching it in favour of air drying. As much as it’s more time consuming now, the long term hair benefits are definitely worth it.

That being said we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed it can make our strands look a little limp. After a blow dry our hair seems to stay fresh for days but the same can’t be said for air drying which leaves it looking a little lacklustre. As we’re so sick of the compromise we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the science of air drying in order to find you guys some answers...

Why does air dried hair look greasy?

The reason your hair looks more greasy after air drying is because hair that’s been blow dried has a rougher texture. This prevents the sebum from your scalp coming through as quickly as it would if you’d have air dried it which is why your hair looks cleaner for longer. If you’re guilty of going to bed with wet hair too then that could be another factor. Tossing and turning in your sleep causes knots and tangles that can lead to grease. It’s not a good idea to go to bed with wet hair anyway as it’s weaker when it’s wet so you’ll likely cause a lot of damage. Instead let it air dry during the day or wash it a few hours before bed so that it has enough time to dry.

Why is air dried hair more prone to frizz?

Your air dried hair might look frizzy in comparison to when you blow dry it because blow drying smooths the cuticles and locks them in place. This is why your hair looks so glossy afterwards but without the heat you’ll need to rely on serums to smooth down your strands. We’d recommend using one that’s packed with natural oils like the Ouai Hair Oil which will seal your split ends and add loads of shine.

Can I style it as it dries?

Another major mistake is leaving it down while it dries as this won’t set your hair in any particular texture. For beachy waves just create two dutch braids and leave your hair to fully dry before taking them out. For sleek hair use some no-bend clips to hold your part in place and pull your hair back into a low pony until it’s dry. Twisting your hair into a bun will also give you loose waves and it’s really easy. Once it’s dry we’d also recommend trying out one of our heatless hairstyles that will keep the healthy hair vibes going.

The best products for air dried hair?

Thank the hair gods for these quick dry saviours that will whip your natural hair into shape while being totally damage free.

IGK No More Blow Air Dry Spray


This blow dryer in a bottle promises to dry your hair 46% faster by using IGK’s flash cooling technology and a blend of lightweight, invisible starches. As your hair dries faster it helps to prevent breakage and frizz for all hair types. It is a little pricey but if you’re committed to avoiding heat then it’s worth it.

OUAI Air Dry Foam


Anything Jen Atkin creates we’re instantly obsessed with and the Air Dry Foam is no exception. It’s a super lightweight formula that encourages your natural wave pattern for a way neater air dry finish. It’s also infused with Kale Extract to help soften your hair and fight frizz which gives it a better texture.

No Bend Clips


These are an actual lifesaver if you have a cowslick or super unruly hairline as they’ll hold your hair in place until it dries to keep it totally kink free. These are a way healthier option than straightening the hair around your face which can lead to some serious breakage if you’re doing it everyday.

Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It Creme


This super lightweight creme helps to enhance your natural texture while taming frizz for a smooth finish. It promises to add volume and texture without being crunchy and will protect your hair from UV damage which is perfect for the summer.

Air drying your hair shouldn’t be a chore and hopefully now that we’re more clued up we’ll get the results we want. If you’re trying to improve your hair health then we’d definitely recommend reading our post on how to repair damaged hair. It’s full of easy ways you can switch up your routine to prevent damage and to help it grow.