Forget Your Lips, You Need Filler In Your Hair


Thanks to the Kylie Jenner effect you can no longer scroll through Instagram without seeing a pair of huge lips. Plumping up your face has become a regular thing amongst social media babes, but the only thing we’re interested in is plumping up our locks. If you’ve got fine hair, then trying to find ways to inject more volume is likely at the top of your list too. That’s where the new hair filler treatment comes in, and the plus side? It doesn’t require any needles.

Hairstylist Belle Cannan, who works at the famous Salon Sloane in London came up with the idea as a way of adding volume to fine locks. It’s essentially a hair mask, that’s very rich in hydrolysed keratin, hair proteins and minerals that nourish and hydrate your hair. This gives you the appearance of really healthy, thick hair that’s incredibly shiny.

It works thanks to the fact that hydrolysed proteins are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft. This means they can fill in the gaps caused by breakage to plump up each strand and give it a fuller effect. Belle leaves this on your hair for 30 minutes while you sit under a heat lamp. This opens up your cuticles and helps the mask to penetrate even deeper into your hair, giving you better results. At £60 is it a little expensive but we think it’s such a good investment and perfect if you’ve over-processed or have naturally dry hair.

The hair filler treatment may only be available at Salon Sloane but there’s no reason why you can’t copy the results at home. We’ve rounded up some of the best hydrating hair masks to give your strands a serious moisture boost and fuller appearance for a lot less money. You’re welcome...


This mask will deeply hydrate, repair and rebuild tired strands to give you healthy, voluminous locks in just 10 minutes. It’s also free of silicones and is 97% natural so it won’t weigh down your hair, making it perfect for finer hair types.


Kerastase is one of the most hyped brands and their Resilience range is perfect if you need to supercharge your hair. The Therapiste Masque features their FIBRA-KAP formula that’s enriched with six amino acids and proteins to penetrate deep into your strands. It also promises to revitalise damaged hair while giving it a smooth and hydrated appearance.


Made with shea butter, this mask intensely nourishes dry hair to leave it looking hydrated and replenished. It’s perfect for anyone who’s prone to frizz and will help to reduce breakage for healthier-looking, thicker hair.


If you really want to give your locks a boost this intense mask from Grow Gorgeous will not only nourish your strands but your scalp too, to promote hair growth. It has a blend of coconut oil and hyaluronic acid which helps to deeply moisturise your locks for a healthier, plumper appearance.

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