How To Fake Ombre Hair With M+B Hair Extensions


Hands up if you get bored of your hair colour? Because same. With new trends coming out everyday and the Kardashians switching it up even more often than usual a new dye job couldn’t be more appealing. Bleaching and using hair dyes can be risky though, especially if you do it regularly, and we’re definitely not up for the risk of losing our hair just to get some extra insta likes.

This is why we love our ombre sets so much because you can create a faux dye job and express some of your creativity without any of the potential damage. You can also clip them in and out as often as you need to and pick up more than one set to give you loads of colour options. It’s really easy but if you’re not sure what to go for we’ve put together our most important tips that will help you fake an ombre.


You don’t have to have ombre hair already...

If your hair isn’t already ombre but just an all over colour you can totally still go for an ombre set. All you need to do is match your natural hair colour to a root shade from our ombre sets and pick a length where the ombre starts lower than the ends of your hair. We’ve popped all the measurements at the end of this post so that you can figure out which set will work the best for you and will give you more tips on measuring later.


Get the right thickness

Another pro tip is that if your hair is short and not ombre then you need to make sure the ends of the extensions will match your natural hair thickness. You don’t want the ends of the extensions to look thin in comparison so make sure you choose a weight that will look as natural as possible.


How should you style them?

As long as the ends of your hair match the hair extensions you can go for any style you want as they’ll transition seamlessly. If you don’t have a perfect match though then it’s best to cheat a seamless blend with some curls. This will help to merge your hair and the extensions so that the disconnect will be less visible.


What if you can’t find your perfect ombre shade?

There are a few options you can try out if our ombre shades don’t match your colour or if you’re looking for something more unusual. Root touch up sprays are a really quick way to colour extensions so that they match your own hair. You can easily use them to darken up the roots of our ombre sets or to make those roots carry on further down the weft to better match your hair. Lastly, if there’s one of our lighter shades that you love you can simply dye the roots of the set darker to create your own customised ombre shade. If you’re not super confident with this we’d recommend taking it to your stylist who’ll be able to create your perfect match.


Can you mix two shades?

Yes definitely. If you want something more multi-tonal you can absolutely mix two ombre shades to get more of a balayage style look. Our grey shade Spaced Out works really well for this especially with Bel-Air to create a mix of warm and cool toned blonde.


How to measure

Below are all the measurements for each set so you know when the ombre shade starts for all the different lengths. All you need to do is measure your own hair from the root and match up the ends or the start of your ombre to where it starts on these sets. If you’re still unsure of what to go for then email the team [email protected] some snaps of your hair and they’ll figure it out for you.

Oh My Ombre

Triple-tone ombre from dark brown/black to medium blonde.

12-14” Brown at 4” Blonde at 7”

16-28” Brown at 6” Blonde at 9”

20-22” Brown at 7” Blonde at 12”

24-26” Brown at 8” Blonde at 12”



Pretty brown blended to a golden blonde. The classic ombre look!

12-14” Blonde at 5”

16-18” Blonde at 7”

20-22” Blonde at 9”

25-26” Blonde at 11”


Surf’s Up

Warm blonde which transitions into a light bleached blonde.

12-14” Blonde at 5”

16-18” Blonde at 7”

20-22” Blonde at 9”

24-26” Blonde at 11”


Spaced Out

An off-black base blending to a cosmic silver-grey.

12-14” Grey at 5”

16-18” Grey at 7”

20-22” Grey at 10”

24-26” Grey at 10.5”


Kiss The Girl

Glossy black graduating into a rich teal.

12-14” Teal at 4”

16-18” Teal at 5.5”

20-22” Teal at 6”

24-26” Teal at 8”


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