How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer


There’s nothing like hitting the salon for a fresh colour to give your confidence a boost but there’s also nothing that makes quite as much of a dent in your bank account. A trip to the salon is a big treat for most of us and if you’re investing in your hair colour then it figures you’d want it to last. Obviously some shades will fade a lot more than others but taking care of it will mean less trips to the salon and fresh colour for longer. If this sounds dreamy then keep scrolling...

72 Hour Rule

Hair dye works by lifting the cuticle in order to deposit the colour onto your strands. However cuticles can take up to 3 days to fully close so if you wash your hair too soon, then you could be flushing your new colour down the drain. After the 72 hours you’ll still want to wash your hair as little as possible to prevent it from fading. Every 2-3 days would be perfect and you can use dry shampoo in between washes to freshen up your roots.

Pick The Right Shampoo

Picking the right shampoo is one of, if not THE most important thing if you want to maintain your colour. Shampoos that contain sulphates will strip your hair like nothing else so you’ll definitely want to avoid those and go for a gentle alternative. There are loads of shampoos that are specifically formulated for your hair colour and that will deposit colour pigments onto your strands to keep it looking fresh. We’d definitely recommend checking out the John Frieda Brilliant range which has specific products for every colour, including shampoos and styling products.

Skip The Heat

Heat tools are the worst for fading your hair colour so it’s worth avoiding them as much as possible. Just check out the super scary Guy Tang video below if you don’t believe us. As much as going heat free is ideal we get that this isn’t going to be possible all the time. When you do style your hair just make sure that you’re using a thermal heat protectant and try not to hold the heat on your hair for too long.

Keep It Hydrated

Dry and damaged hair won’t hold onto colour and as the dyeing process can be quite damaging you want to make sure you’re regularly pumping your strands with moisture. Using a mask once a week and a leave in conditioner will make a massive difference; not only to how long your colour lasts but also to the overall health of your hair. We’d recommend the Olaplex No.3 hair protector for this, which will help to rebuild and strengthen your hair.

Use An SPF

Now that the weather is getting warmer this is something you’ll definitely need to think about! The sun will fade your dye job really quickly so you want to make sure you’re putting a barrier in place, especially if you’re sunbathing. For this we’d recommend the Ultra Sun Daily UV Hair Protector which is lightweight spray that will protect your colour from the sun while leaving it soft and shiny.

Prep First

Before your next colour appointment it’s a good shout to prep your hair by using a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioning mask. You also want to skip using your hair products, especially heavy ones that can build up on your strands. This will ensure that your stylist has the best base for applying the colour and that it’ll go on evenly without any patches. This may not sound like a big deal but having a clean base could make a big difference in how long your colour lasts.