How To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer


We totally understand that a set of hair extensions is a beauty investment that needs looking after. You want your set to look just as good as it did the first time you took them out of the box and make you feel just as confident. So, to help you on your way we’ve put together a few easy tips that will make your hair extensions last longer.


Store them in their M+B box

To prevent your extensions from getting tangled and to keep them super smooth, it’s a good idea to keep them stored in their box when you’re not wearing them. Twist them around your hand and pop them in the hairnet we provide to avoid any kinks or tangles while they’re in there too. You can also use a trouser hanger to store your hair extensions and keep them tangle free.

They’re great for holding the hair while you’re styling too and if you don’t already have one they’re easy to pick up online.


Don’t wash them

Hair extensions don’t benefit from the natural oils from your scalp like your own hair does, so you don’t need to wash them anywhere near as often. Most people won’t need to wash their hair extensions at all and it’s better to avoid it as you could strip the moisture out of the hair if you’re not super careful. If you wear them a lot, have too much product buildup and 100% have to wash them then read our tips here first.


Always brush them out with a loop brush

While you’re wearing them and after taking them out, it’s a good shout to brush them through from the ends upwards to remove any tangles. This will help to prevent damage and keep them in the best condition for longer. Just make sure to hold the hair underneath the clips or in a pony at the nape of your neck to prevent pulling on them while you’re brushing. We’d also recommend picking up a loop brush as it’s super gentle. The looped bristles won’t snag or get caught on your hair, making it less damaging than a normal brush.


Silicone Spritz

This product is used by hair extension manufacturers after the dying process to make the hair super soft and shiny and you can use it as a top up treatment too. Silicone spritz coats your extensions making them feel super soft, preventing tangles and protecting the hair from UV damage. This is a super intensive treatment though, so you won’t need to do this everyday but every month or few months depending on how often you wear them. All you need to do is rub a small amount on your hands and then run it through the lengths, making sure you coat the hair evenly. After leaving the product to absorb overnight, straighten your set in the morning to seal in the moisture and complete the treatment.


Keep heat styling to a minimum and use heat protectants

We totally get that you want to heat style your extensions but changing up your look a few times a day or opting for the highest temperatures on your styling tools will only serve to dry them out. When you do reach for the curling wand, just make sure to use a thermal heat protectant and the lowest temperature setting possible. You’ll probably find that hair extensions need a lot less heat than your natural hair too, so you don’t need to hold styling tools on for quite as long.


Don’t sleep or workout in them

The most important rule of clip-in extensions is not to wear them to bed. This is because all that tossing and turning could put strain on the clips and pull out the wefts, damaging your natural hair as well as tangling the wefts. Take them out before bed and store them in their box to make sure you both have a good night's sleep. Please don’t wear your extensions to the gym either! All the sweat from your head will do them no favours and you’ll also be putting strain on the wefts, so it’s best to avoid working out in them too.

We hope you found these tips super helpful and that you’re feeling way more clued up on looking after your M+B hair extensions.