How To Prep Your Hair For Christmas Day

how-to-avoid-frizzy-hairWe’re guessing that on Christmas Day your hair is the last thing you want to think about! Which is why we’ve devised a plan for you to wake up with flawless hair without even trying - sounds good, right? It’s all in the prep and by putting in a little effort the day before you won’t have to make so much effort on the big day. We’ve also broken it down into 6 easy steps so there are no excuses!

Step 1: Hair Mask

The winter weather can be really tough on your strands and if you’re heat styling as well then it’s likely they’re starting to look frazzled. Using a deep conditioning mask is the best way to repair and prep your hair to ensure it looks its best. Pumping your hair with moisture will also make it less prone to frizz and will help your hairstyle to stay in place for longer - which is exactly what you want on Christmas Day! We’d recommend the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask as it’s deeply nourishing, repairs damage and works for all hair types.

Step 2: Blowdry

Setting your hair in place with a blowdry will give it maximum staying power so that when you wake up on Christmas Day half the work will be done for you. It’s also the best way to prevent frizz and to smooth your hair while adding loads of volume at the roots. We’ve found this amazing tutorial by Elle Bangs that will help to achieve the look at home with very minimal effort.

Step 3: Style Your Extensions

If you want to wear your hair extensions on Christmas Day then it’s worth styling them the day before so that you can just clip them in. If you’re straightening them then it’s pretty simple but if you’re curling then we’d recommend pinning up each curl and letting them cool in place so that the hair has more staying power.

Step 4: Prep Your Hair For Bed

How you wear your hair to bed will make a big difference to how it looks when you wake up, so for Christmas Day this is obviously really important. If you want your hairstyle to last then we’d recommend pulling it into a low ponytail and securing it with a scrunchie. This will put the least amount of strain on your hair and will hold it in place to avoid it getting too tangled so that your style stays intact.

Step 5: Brush It Out In The Morning

When you wake up you’ll want to take out your scrunchie and gently brush through your hair to loosen up your hairstyle. If you need to, you can add another dust of dry shampoo or touch up any kinks with your hair straighteners before heading downstairs.

Step 6: Dinner Glam

If you want to go all out for dinner then you’ll simply need to clip in your pre-curled or straightened extensions before brushing them through so that they blend with your own hair. If you need to, you can go over the top section with your curlers to make sure that you have a seamless blend between your natural hair and the extensions. To complete the look we’d recommend using some shine spray for a really glossy finish!