How To Wake Up With Perfect Hair On Christmas Day


So obviously you’re going to do something with your hair for Christmas dinner but it figures that styling it as soon as you wake up isn’t going to be a priority. Not with all those presents to open... This is why it would be so dreamy to wake up with perfect hair on Christmas day so that you don’t have to make any effort but will still look flawless. These quick hacks will help you to do exactly that and are super easy to follow so there’s no excuses!


Hold Your Curl

If you’ve curled your hair the day before then this simple hack will help to preserve them so that you wake up with effortless waves that don’t need restyling. All you need to do is braid your hair in a loose, low french plait and secure it with a small elastic to avoid kinking your hair. You might not have perfect curls in the morning but it’ll definitely help to hold onto that texture and volume. Just let it down when you wake up and use some texturising spray to revive the waves. This hack will work way better if you have a silk pillowcase or if you wrap your hair in a silk scarf because it’ll reduce the amount of friction on your strands.


Dry Shampoo Your Roots

Even if your hair is clean using a little dry shampoo on your roots the night before will help to give your hair some extra volume in the morning. Use it on the back and sides of your hair right at your roots and apply it in layers to get the best results. It might sound weird but limp roots never look dreamy and dry shampoo helps to add loads of texture so your hair will look totally refreshed in the morning. Our favourite for this would be the Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo which has a diffuser spray bottle for the most even coverage.


Apply a Leave In Conditioner

All that tossing and turning in your sleep can leave your hair looking pretty dry and frizzy in the morning. To smooth out your strands apply a leave in conditioner the night before and gently comb it through the lengths of your hair to get an even coverage. This will prevent your hair from getting too unruly and will make it look really glossy. Our fave is the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner because it nourishes and repairs your hair while preventing tangles.


Blow Dry

A classic blowdry is the best way to smooth down your hair and set it in place so that you wake up with gorgeous locks for days. Getting your blow dry right is the key to frizz free, healthy looking hair in the morning which is exactly what you want on Christmas Day. If you can it’s best to blowdry your hair the night before and make sure to follow our quick tips here to get the best results.


Wake Up With Waves

If you want to wake up with perfect waves then all you have to do is braid your hair the night before and let it set while you sleep. We’d recommend doing four french or two dutch braids to get the best finish. When you wake up take them out and you’ll have some gorgeous beachy waves! Don’t brush them though just break them apart with your fingers and add some texturising spray for loads of volume.


Simple Overnight Curls

Another way to style your hair overnight is to wrap it around a headband. It’s really easy you just need to put the headband on over your hair first and then take small sections, twist them and wrap them around the band to hold them in place. You want to keep going until all your hair is up and then leave it in place until the morning for some loose waves. Alternatively you can twist your hair up into a really high bun and secure it with an invisibobble for looser waves instead if you don’t have a headband.


Style Your Extensions

If you can’t go a day without them and you really want to wear your hair extensions on Christmas morning then you can style them they the day before so that they’re ready. When you wake up just clip them in, brush your hair to blend them and you’re good to go.

And that’s it! Some really simple hacks to wake up with effortlessly perfect hair on Christmas day. If you use these or have any of your own then let us know in the comments.