The M+B Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas is finally here and we’re crazy excited to inhale mince pies, sing our fave holiday songs and plan our party looks! That being said, the shopping part can be a little daunting and we’ve been getting lots of q’s from confused besties trying to find the right gift for their M+B obsessed friend. If you’re not into wearing extensions yourself then figuring out what to get can be a little overwhelming. This is exactly why we’ve created our 2018 gift guide to help make your Christmas shopping experience super quick and easy! Here’s what you need to know...


If she likes to keep it natural…

The best M+B set would be: The Regular

Lengths: 16-18” 100g and 20-22” 120g

Wefts: 1-clip weft x 4, 2-clip weft x 2, 3-clip weft x 2, 4-clip weft x 1

Why?: If you’re shopping for a gal who has fine hair then the Regular Set would be perfect for giving her some extra thickness that looks really natural. It’s a super light and comfortable set to wear and comes with 9 lace wefts so that she can customise the thickness. The Regular Set is also perfect for anyone who already has long hair and just wants to add a little volume through the lengths.


If she likes to switch it up…

The best M+B set would be: The Deluxe

Lengths: 12-14” 150g, 16-18” 160g, 20-22” 180g and 24-26” 180g

Wefts: 1-clip weft x 2, 2-clip weft x 5, 3-clip weft x 2, 4-clip quad weft x 1

Why?: Our Deluxe Set is super versatile and perfect for girls who like to switch up their hairstyles. This set is spread over 10 wefts so she’ll have loads of different clips to play with and it comes in four different lengths. The Deluxe is also our only seamless set which means the hair has silicone rather than lace wefts to make it virtually undetectable in her hair. This set does however also include our lace volumiser weft for loads of thickness and volume. The Deluxe is also our most popular set as it’s so versatile so it’s a pretty safe bet to go for!


If she doesn’t do seamless…

The best M+B set would be: The Superior

Lengths: 20-22” 220g and 24-26” 280g

Wefts: 1-clip weft x 2, 2-clip weft x 5, 3-clip weft x 2, 4-clip quad weft x 1

Why?: If you’re buying for someone who doesn’t like the seamless wefts but needs a little more thickness than the Regular then our Superior Set would be the best choice. It has 10 wefts just like the Deluxe but is slightly thicker and the lace will help to add a little extra volume at their roots.


If she’s super glam…

The best M+B set would be: The Luxurious

Lengths: 16-18” 200g and 20-22” 265g

Wefts: 2-clip wefts x 4, 3-clip wefts x 2, 4-clip quad weft x 1 (x 2 in the length 20-22”)

Why?: If you’re buying for someone who likes full volume, Hollywood worthy hair or has super thick hair already then our Luxurious Set is your best choice. This is our thickest set and is quad wefted which means there are four layers of hair on each weft and the 20-22” set has an extra volumiser weft too that helps to keep the hair looking voluminous from root to tip. As this set contains 7 or 8 wefts it’s also perfect for anyone who struggles to conceal the clips but needs lots of extra thickness.


If she doesn’t need a full set…

The best M+B option would be: Our Single and Volumiser Wefts

Volumiser Lengths: 16-18” 40g and 20-22” 45g

Single Lengths: 16-18” 25g and 20-22” 30g

Why?: Our Single and Volumiser Wefts are a perfect addition if you’re buying for someone who already has an M+B set but wants to refresh it or add some extra volume. Our Volumizer Weft is a single quad weft that’s super thick and is perfect for adding volume to an existing set. Alternatively our seamless single wefts are 2-clip wefts that are perfect for reviving an existing set too. Both the volumiser and the single wefts are great for creating updos and lots of customers pick these up for bridal looks or special occasion hairstyles.


If she likes to experiment…

If you’re shopping for someone who likes to get experimental with their hair colour then our ombre hair extensions would be a really good option. They’re a totally damage free way to experiment with colour and she doesn’t have to have ombre hair to try them out either. If this sounds like a perfect gift then click here for more info on our ombre sets.

If she’s already a M+B Fan…

If your gal already has a lot of our sets then picking up something she could use to care for them might be the best option. Our loop brush is a must have for any hair extensions wearer as the looped bristles are super gentle and they won’t pull or snag the extensions. You can also pick her up some silicone coating spritz which will prolong the life of her set and keep the hair looking super healthy and shiny. Both of these would make great stocking fillers too!

If you’re totally confused..

Don’t worry, we get it! Hair extensions are pretty confusing if you’re not into wearing them yourself. This is where our super cute gift card comes in handy as she can pick out the perfect set herself to avoid any confusion. Our gift cards also ping directly into her mailbox so she can find something just in time for New Year’s!

We hope you loved our 2018 gift guide and that you’re feeling super inspired to find the perfect present at M+B. If you need any more help or would like a shade match then get in touch with us via [email protected] :)

Merry Christmas!