These Hairstyles Will Get You The Most Likes On Instagram


Is there anything more satisfying than your picture doing well on Instagram? Mmm, we don’t think so. Especially when you’ve spent ages getting ready or have tried out a new look. In 2019 there’s a lot of competition though - as pretty much everyone is posting selfies on their feed. That’s why we’ve put together a few of the coolest hairstyles this season that will get you maximum likes on Instagram.

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The 90s Power Pony

The 90s is back in a really big way and one of the most popular looks that has been stolen from the era is the power pony. It’s super sleek at the front, extra high and has flicked out, full volume ends for maximum impact. A good hack for this style is to use a toothbrush and some hairspray to smooth any flyaways for a really perfected finish.

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Full Volume Curls

These gorgeous curls will add so much volume to your hair that it’ll be hard for anyone not to take notice. Just use a small barrel curling wand and take the curls right up to your root while keeping them in the same direction. Once you’re done, you can brush them out and add some texturising spray for an extra boost of volume.

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Glossy Waves

If there’s one thing that looks good on everyone it’s glossy waves, so if you’re in need of more likes then you’re going to want to nail these. To create this look, you need to curl your hair all in the same direction using a medium barrel curling wand. Once they’re cool you can then brush them out before adding a layer of shine spray to complete the look. So easy!

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Scarf Braid

If you have more of a sophisticated vibe then this scarf embellished ponytail will be perfect for you. It’s so chic and timeless but is surprisingly easy to recreate. You just need to create a low pony, tie the scarf around the base and then create a 3 strand braid incorporating the length of the scarf. You can then use it to cover the elastic at the end to complete the look.

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The Classic Blowdry

Whether you’ve nailed a classic blow-dry at home or have paid a fortune at the salon, it’s for sure the best reason to take a selfie. It’ll also make your hair look so impossibly healthy and lasts for days without you having to touch up your hair. If you’re not sure how to create the look we’ve got a step by step here that’s full of useful tips and advice.

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Hair Clips

This has been a growing trend for so long and it’s only getting bigger and bigger in the sense that the more clips you can fit on your head… the better. If you want a look that’s going to give you maximum impact then sassy slogan clips are definitely that. We’d pair them with a high ponytail that has loads of volume and pack them on one side to get the best picture!