5 Hacks For When Your Hair Is Seriously Greasy

Wake up with greasy strands on the regular? It’s the most annoying thing if you’re prone to it and it can make styling your hair such a nightmare if you really don’t have time to wash it. That’s why it’s super important to have some greasy hair hacks up your sleeve for days when your strands just aren’t playing ball. These quick tips will help you to disguise your second day hair like nothing else so that no one will know you skipped the shampoo this morning...

Blow Dry

It may sound super strange to blow dry your already dry hair but this is actually a great way to get rid of greasy roots. To get the best results you want to use use a round brush to lift the hair at the root while you’re blow drying to create more volume that will separate your hair from your scalp. If you pick a boar bristle, round brush this will also help to drag the oil down the lengths of your hair and away from your roots which is exactly what you want.


Dry shampoo, duh!

Obviously dry shampoo is your number one best friend on a greasy hair day but you want to make sure you’re using it right. It’s best to apply it in sections by parting your hair so that you can cover as much of your scalp as possible especially at the top of your head. Once you’ve sprayed it, work it in with your hands so that it picks up as much oil as possible before you brush it out.

Braid It

If your hair is greasy then adding loads of extra texture will really help you to disguise it. Braids are a great way to do this because you can really thicken them up and create loads of texture which helps to disguise greasy locks. We’d recommend going for a halo, dutch or fishtail braid as they’re the easiest to pull out and thicken up! If you need some inspiration we’ve a quick tutorial here with some double dutch braids that would be totally perfect.

Backcomb Your Roots

As most of the oiliness will be concentrated at your roots you could get away with a little backcombing to hide your greasy hair. Simply take a fine tooth comb and gently push back the hair at your roots until you create enough lift to disguise the grease. You want to do this in sections and then try and keep your hair on the top smooth so that it doesn’t look like a birds nest!


Work With It

If your hair is so greasy that nothing will bring it back then you might just need to run with the vibe and go for a sleek look. We’d recommend a low bun with a deep side part as it’s your best bet for hiding greasy hair and suits literally everyone. To start the look backcomb your hair in sections to lift your roots and then smooth your hair down into a low pony. Once you’re done twist your pony into a bun before finishing the look with some hairspray. Done!

The Best Products For Greasy Hair?

If you struggle with lacklustre roots regularly then these products are some of the best for mimicking the look of freshly washed hair...


Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-powder

This is a dry shampoo but rather than a spray bottle it comes as a loose powder than you can work into your hair with your hands. It’s great for creating loads of extra volume and texture while soaking up any excess oil to totally refresh your hair.


Alexandre De Paris Hair Brush Round Brown 23cm

If you want to try out the blow dry hack then this boar bristle brush will be your best bet. It’s made with first-cut boar bristles that are really gentle on your hair and will help to shift the grease from your roots down the lengths to make your locks look super healthy. It’s also a great size for creating lots of volume which is the best way to disguise greasy roots.


Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

This dry shampoo is perfect for any of you guys who are prone to greasy hair days but find your scalp can be quite sensitive to heavy products. It’s super lightweight and helps to restore freshness to your hair while softening your strands for a shower fresh finish.

We hope you found these greasy hair hacks really useful and that they’ll totally help you to disguise it on a bad hair day! If you loved this one then check out our post on essential dry shampoo hacks that are great for greasy hair days too :)