7 Habits Of Girls Who Have Perfect Hair


We all know someone that gives us continuous hair envy. Whether they have super long locks, no split ends or just constantly glossy looking hair; we all want to know how they make it happen. So, in the quest for hair perfection we’ve scoured the internet for all the healthy hair habits of girls who have perfect hair. Turns out going to bed with wet locks and skipping the hair salon isn’t on the list... whoops. But making the time for these habits will be so worth it if you want your hair to look amazing...

Shop For Your Hair Type

Picking products that work for your hair type is so important if you want to keep it really healthy. For example if it’s super dry then you’ll want to pick up a shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate free, so it isn’t too stripping. The same goes for curly or fine hair as you’ll need products that work with it rather than against it.


Don’t Overdo It With The Heat Styling

Heat styling breaks down the hydrogen bonds in your hair which is how it reshapes it into the look you want. This obviously requires high temperatures which over time will damage your hair. Rather than heat styling everyday it’s way better to save it for when you really need to and go for some heatless hairstyles instead.

Mask Regularly

Dry hair is more prone to damage so it’s super important that you work a mask treatment into your weekly routine. This will help to deeply nourish your strands, making your hair look way shinier and protecting it against damage. To really repair your hair we’d recommend the OUAI Haircare Treatment Masque which is super restorative and will leave your locks really soft and shiny. It’s made with artichoke leaf extract and the brands 'Smart Technology Complex™' which work together to repair your cuticles and protect against damage.


Take Care Of Your Scalp

It’s just as important to look after your scalp as it is to look after your hair. If you have dandruff, dry skin or if your scalp is feeling super sensitive then it’s going to affect how your hair looks and could potentially affect your hair growth. We’d recommend using a scalp scrub once a week or once every fortnight to remove any product buildup and to stimulate your hair follicles. If you find your scalp is super dry, we’d also recommend using a scalp toner like the Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Toner It rehydrates your skin, creates a perfect environment for healthy hair growth and prevents against dandruff.

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

We’ve banged on about how amazing silk pillowcases are for so long but this is the one thing that will make a real difference to your hair. Traditional cotton pi

llowcases can cause a lot of friction as you move in your sleep and can pull on your strands leading to damage. As silk is a way smoother surface your hair willglide over the top causing way less friction, as well as preventing against frizz.


Get Regular Trims

In order to grow healthy hair you need to regularly get rid of your split ends so that they don’t continue splitting up your hair and create even more damage. Depending on your hair type you’ll need to get it cut every 2-3 months if you want to keep on top of them. You don’t need to lose loads of length but just dusting off the ends will make a huge difference.


Be Clever With Your Hair Colour

Going for an all over pastel shade or a platinum blonde requires a lot of bleaching that’s pretty risky for your tresses. Instead it’s way better to go for an ombre, balayage or root drag that will be easier to maintain and won’t require as much time at the salon. Alternatively you can fake a dye job with our hair extensions. We’ve got a tutorial here on faking an ombre and another here on creating a faux balayage look.

How simple are these hair habits? And if you stick to them we promise they’ll make a massive difference to your hair. Especially masking and getting a haircut which are healthy hair basics!

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