Eating These Foods Will Supercharge Your Hair Growth

Hair growth hacks are one of the most searched things on the internet thanks to so many of us damaging our strands or having a haircut we regret. From massaging your scalp to flipping it upside down or showering it with rice water, there aren’t a lot of things people won’t do to get longer hair. Continue reading →

Tips For Dry Hair

tips-and-tricks-for-dry-hair-milk-and-blush As we’re approaching autumn it’s a good time to start changing up our hair routines. The colder weather, rain and wind can all play a part in stripping our hair of moisture leaving it looking a little lacklustre. For dry hair types, this can be particularly worrying as they’re already a lot more prone to damage. When your hair is dry the outer layer starts to break down making it harder for it to retain moisture. This is why it’s so important to keep it topped up with nourishment so that it stays looking healthy. Continue reading →

5 Hairstyles That Are Damaging Your Hair

Noticed more breakage around your hairline? Or more split ends? Sure, there are lots of reasons why damage happens but it could be your everyday hairstyle that’s seriously killing your strands. If you’re constantly pulling, dyeing or heat styling your hair then we’re definitely talking about you. It’s not as resilient as you think and if you don’t stop to give your hair a break then it’ll literally reach its breaking point. If you’re not sure where you’re going wrong we’ve put together a list of the biggest culprits to help you avoid a disaster. Continue reading →

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Brides With Short Hair

Wedding-Hairstyles-For-Short-Hair-main-image-milk-and-blushMaking the chop AND tying the knot this year? With a few hair accessories, extensions and a bit of added texture you can create some incredible bridal looks with short hair. In fact, it’s way less maintenance than having long hair and thanks to it being lighter, will hold a curl much better. So, if your big day is coming up then these short hair tips and ideas will make your life so much easier. Continue reading →

Tried & Tested: Kristin Ess Cleansing Conditioner

kristin-ess-cleansing-conditionerHere on the M+B blog, we test out a new product every month to see if it’s worth the hype and worth investing in. It seems like there’s a new one hourly and as hard as it can be to keep up, we’re certainly trying our best and setting our credit cards alight in the process. Continue reading →

The 5 Biggest Hair Trends You'll Be Wearing This Fall

fall-2019-hair-trends-main-image-milk-and-blush-blogAutumn is almost here and we’re counting down the days until we pop ourselves back in some woolly coats and jumpers. The same goes for our hair, as braids and beachy waves are becoming a little boring and we're more than ready for something new. As with the start of every season, we're thinking ahead about our new vibe and Instagram has already thrown us a few trends that we're really excited about. So whether you're thinking of a big change or just want to experiment with a new hairstyle, these are the fall trends you need to see... Continue reading →

7 Day Hair Routine For Damaged Hair

Those split ends? It’s a total myth that you can stick them back together. I know, scary isn’t it? Especially when you consider what we put our hair through on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so important to start making changes if you can see that your hair is looking unhealthy. Things like dry ends, dull-looking strands or your curls dropping are all early warning signs. That’s where our 7-day hair routine for damaged hair comes in. This is full of quick and easy ways that can help to improve your hair health so that you’re left with stronger and healthier strands. Here’s what you need to do... Continue reading →

Hair Straightener Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Hair-Straightener-MistakesWe're guessing that you've got a pair of hair straighteners as they're a must-have for most of us to smooth our strands or to add some quick curls. They’re not something people tend to ask about, as most of us think we have it down but in reality, we haven’t quite nailed hair straighteners as much as we think. So, if your ends are looking fried or if your hairstyle isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it too then these could be the reasons why... Continue reading →

How To: The Best Ways To Wear Your Hair To Bed

how-to-prep-your-hair-for-bed-main-image-blogBelieve it or not, the way you wear your hair to bed could make a big difference to its overall health. You spend half your life asleep and if you’re tossing and turning then you’ll be putting a lot of stress on your strands. That’s why it’s so important to prep it properly for bed, because not only will you wake up with great hair, but it’ll be a lot healthier in the long run. Continue reading →

Forget Your Lips, You Need Filler In Your Hair

shannon-sherwood-blogger-main Thanks to the Kylie Jenner effect you can no longer scroll through Instagram without seeing a pair of huge lips. Plumping up your face has become a regular thing amongst social media babes, but the only thing we’re interested in is plumping up our locks. If you’ve got fine hair, then trying to find ways to inject more volume is likely at the top of your list too. That’s where the new hair filler treatment comes in, and the plus side? It doesn’t require any needles. Continue reading →

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