Curling Wand Mistakes You’re Making And How To Correct Them

Curling-Wand-Mistakes-You’re-Making-And-How-To-Correct-ThemIf you’re struggling to create our signature Milk + Blush waves or to get your hair to hold a curl at all then these tips are definitely for you. It’s one of our most asked questions but most of the time it’s because people are making simple mistakes. To help you guys out we’re going to break down each one so that you know exactly how to nail a curl and make it last. Curling Wand Mistake #1 You’re Skipping The Heat Protectant Not using a heat protectant could be the reason why your curls are dropping. Damaged hair is more porous and won’t hold a curl anywhere near as well as healthy hair. The more you skip the heat protectant the more damage you’ll cause so you need to make sure you’re applying it every time you style your hair. Here at M+B we love the GHD Heat Protect Spray which provides full heat protection while conditioning your hair. Curling Wand Mistake #2 You’re Not Taking Even Sections If your finished look is a little dishevelled it could be because you’re not taking even sections. In order to get a uniformed wave it’s really important that you keep the size of your sections consistent as you’re curling your hair. The smaller the sections the tighter the curl will be so decide what look you’re going for before you start and stick to it. Curling-Wand-Mistakes-You’re-Making-And-How-To-Correct-Them Curling Wand Mistake #3 You’re Holding The Wand The Wrong Way The direction you hold the curling wand will make a huge difference to the finished curl so you want to make sure you’re being consistent with how you’re holding the wand. If you hold it vertically it’ll give you a looser, more relaxed wave like the classic Victoria’s Secret hairstyle. Alternatively holding it horizontally will help to give you more of an S wave and more volume at the root for a classic Hollywood finish. Curling Wand Mistake #4 You’re Not Curling In The Right Direction We find the most flattering way to curl your hair away from your face, it also looks really pretty at the back when the curls twirl into each other. Alternatively, for classic Hollywood waves you want to curl all of your hair in the same direction to get a really uniformed wave. If neither of these are your vibe and you prefer a more beachy look then you can alternate the direction on every curl for a more natural finish.   Curling Wand Mistakes #5 You’re Holding The Hair On The Barrel For Too Long Not holding your hair on the barrel for too long will really help to reduce the risk of damage. Ideally, you only want to hold each section on for 8-10 seconds maximum while making sure to keep it consistent for each curl so that they’re uniform. Holding the hair on for longer will give you a tighter wave so if you’re not being consistent then your curls won’t be either. Curling Wand Mistake #6 You’re Stretching The Curls If you’re tugging on your hair as soon as it comes off the barrel you’ll stretch out the curl and loosen it. This is fine if you’re going for a more undone look but for classic waves you’ll definitely want to avoid this mistake as it’ll make them drop way quicker. Instead, slowly let it fall and avoid touching your hair until it’s fully cooled. Curling-Wand-Mistakes-You’re-Making-And-How-To-Correct-Them Curling Wand Mistake #7 You’re Not Letting Them Cool There’s nothing more satisfying than brushing out your curls, we get it! But if you brush them before they’re fully cooled you’ll totally ruin all your hard work. You need to let them set in place for 15-20 minutes before you start brushing to ensure you give them maximum staying power. Curling Wand Mistake #8 You’re Skipping The Hairspray Once you’re finished curling you want to spray all of your hair with hairspray before letting it cool to help hold your hard work in place. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl very well then you might want to spray each curl individually once it comes off the barrel to give it even more staying power. Then, once you’ve brushed out your curls make sure to finish your look with another dose of hairspray to hold the hair in place. Curling Wand Mistake #9 You’re Not Cleaning Your Heat Tools Products can really buildup on your heat tools and create a sticky layer than can kill your curls. This will get deposited on your hair and weigh it down making your curls drop a lot quicker than usual. To avoid this you want to regularly clean your heat tools with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to remove any excess. We hope that with these tips your curls will have maximum staying power and will look way more uniformed. As simple as they are skipping one will make a big difference so we always recommend sticking by these rules. To really nail your hair care routine make sure to check out our posts on hair extension and hairstyling mistakes you’re making and how to correct them.