Hair Extension Terminology You Need To Know

Hair extension terminology is something we use every day here at M+B but if you’re new to clip-in extensions, we get that it can be confusing. From wefts to sets, seamless extensions and blending, there are a lot of words that might not make sense if you’re picking up your first set. To help you navigate your way, we thought we’d make a quick list to get you guys clued up on the details. 


Hair extensions come in sets so that you can get the right thickness and length to compliment your natural hair. We have four different sets here at Milk + Blush including the Regular, Deluxe, Seamless and Luxurious.


A weft is an individual piece of hair in your set. Each weft has clips attached to it so that you can secure them into your hair and will come in different styles and thicknesses depending on the set you go for.


When we talk about getting a good blend this means making the hair extensions look as natural as possible in your own hair. There are loads of tips and tricks for this which we’ve put in this blog post and it’s really important to get right so that no one knows you’re wearing extensions.


When we talk about hiding the disconnect we basically mean the point where your natural hair ends and your hair extensions begin. If you have short hair or a very blunt cut then the disconnect can be more obvious. This is why it’s so important to follow our blending tips if you want your extensions to look natural.


The shade of hair extensions basically means the colour, so when we say shade match we simply mean finding the best colour hair extensions for your natural hair. We have 26 shades to choose from and they’re all multi-tonal which helps them to blend seamlessly into your hair. If you’re not sure which shade to go for you can send some pictures of your hair to [email protected] and we’ll find your perfect match.



Seamless hair extensions are made by bonding the hair into a silicone strip which is lightweight and lays flat to your head. These are perfect for anyone who struggles to conceal the wefts or for anyone with fine hair. The seamless wefts are available in our Deluxe Set which comes in all four of our lengths.


Our stitched wefts are made by stitching the hair onto a durable fabric which is the traditional method of making hair extensions. The stitched wefts are available in our Regular and Superior Sets and are a great alternative if you don’t like the seamless wefts.

Lace Wefts

Lace wefts are when the hair has been stitched onto a durable lace fabric. The only set in our collection that has lace wefts is the Luxurious which is quad wefted, meaning there are four layers of hair on each weft for lots of thickness.


The Volumizer weft is a single lace weft with four layers of hair that’s really thick. You can use this on its own to add thickness to your hair or to refresh or bulk out an existing set. Lots of our customers use the Volumizer weft for updos, so they’re perfect if you have a wedding or prom coming up. Our Volumizer wefts come in both 16-18” and 20-22”.

Single Wefts

These are single, seamless wefts that you can use to refresh your existing set and go really well with the Deluxe Set as they’re both in the seamless style. Or, if you want to create an updo you could use these along with some Quad Wefts to create your desired look. These come in both 16-18” and 20-22”.

Tester Weft

Every Milk + Blush set comes with a tester weft so that you can check the shade match before you open the rest of your set. Once the void seal has been broken we’re unable to accept your hair extensions back for hygiene reasons. This is why it’s super important to clip in the tester weft to make sure that it’s the correct shade, length and thickness that you’re looking for.

Loop Brush

A loop brush has looped bristles that are really gentle and won’t pull or snap your strands. We recommend this for use on your hair extensions when styling them to avoid breakage and to keep them in the best condition possible. You can pick up a loop brush here and they’re great for your natural hair too.


We don’t recommend washing your hair extensions as they don’t receive the same supply of oils that your natural hair does. Alternatively, we recommend using some silicone treatment to revive your extensions as and when you need to.

All Over Colour

We have 10 shades that are classed as an all over colour which means they are the same shade from top to bottom. These are perfect for anyone without highlights or balayage or who hasn’t dyed their hair.


Highlights are a hair dye technique where you lighten sections of the hair to add dimension. We have 11 highlighted shades here at M+B that are really versatile and multi-tonal to give you a totally seamless blend. You can also use the highlighted shades if you have balayage or to create faux highlights if your natural hair is an all over colour.


Ombre is a dye technique that creates a colour melt from dark to light going down your hair. We have 5 ombre shades and they’re a great way to switch up your colour without the damage. You can also use these if you have highlights or balayage to add more dimension to your colour.


Our hair extensions come in four different lengths including 12-14”, 16-18”, 20-22” and 24-26”. The best length to go for will depend on the length and thickness of your natural hair. It’s also worth noting that the bigger the difference in length between your own hair and the extensions, the harder they’ll be to blend. We’ve got a blog post here on choosing the right length of hair extensions which you may find really useful if you’re struggling to decide.


The clips are how you apply the hair extensions into your hair. Our clips are made with silicone to ensure a tight grip and have a rubber backing that prevents them from slipping. They’re also slightly curved and are super lightweight for a really comfortable fit.

Is there anything else that confuses you about clip-ins? Be sure to pop your questions in the comments and we’ll help you out with anything you need to know. Also, if you’ve just bought a new set then we’ve got a guide to caring for them here that’s full of tips to make them last longer.