How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Winter Coat

winter-coat-hairstyles-main The cold weather is officially here and as Christmas is getting closer and closer, it’s time to start pulling out our cosiest clothes. Styling your hair in the summer is so much easier as pretty much anything looks good with a mini dress but in the winter it’s a little more tricky. Oversized coats, scarves and jumpers mean you have to be more careful about your hairstyle choices to avoid looking frumpy. Continue reading →

The Best Supermodel Hairstyles Of The 90s

Kim Kardashian's razor sharp bob, the Spice Girls on replay and spaghetti strap tops. You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice that the 90s is trending in a big way. Sure, hair trends don't change that much but we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited that chunky highlights and face-framing tendrils are back in. Continue reading →

Hair Products That Damage Your Hair

damaging-hair-productsWe get that there are bigger culprits when it comes to hair damage, like heat styling or dyeing, but your hair products could be killing your strands too. As crazy as it seems, not all of the products you buy have your hair health in mind and are more of a temporary fix than a long term solution. That’s why it’s so important to get clued up on what you’re using so that you can avoid doing any damage. If you’re not sure where you’re going wrong we’ve put together a list of the worst offenders to help you out... Continue reading →

Oily Roots And Dry Ends? Here's What You Need To Do...

oily-roots-dry-ends Combination hair is almost as annoying as combination skin in that you’re never quite sure which products to use. Sure, a serum would really help your dry ends but it’s just going to add to the greasiness on top of your head. Combat that with dry shampoo and it’ll work its way down and zap your ends of moisture. The struggle is real. Continue reading →

Milk + Blush Meets... Alyson Peacock

alyson-peacock-interview This week we shared our Halloween looks for 2019, including a very spooky cowgirl and a glamorous vampire. We really wanted to go the extra mile this year so we asked makeup and hairstylist Alyson Peacock to help us create something new. She’s incredibly talented, and it only took a quick scroll through her feed to see how creative she is. Today she’s spilling her top tips on making your Halloween look last longer and a few pro tools that are worth investing in… Continue reading →

Glamorous Halloween Vampire Tutorial

If you take Halloween as an opportunity to go full glam with your makeup look then our Vampire inspired tutorial will definitely be for you. We’ve paired some classic Hollywood waves with deep red makeup that is guaranteed to outshine everyone at the party. Continue reading →

Halloween Cowgirl Hair and Makeup Tutorial

halloween-cowgirl We’re so excited for Halloween here at Milk + Blush and to get you in the spirit we’ve created this glamorous cowgirl look that’s perfect for a party. We’ve paired some seriously glittery eye makeup with dutch braids that are perfect for any of you who want to rock a different vibe this year. Continue reading →

Hair Treatments You Can Do At Your Desk

  We get that if you’re busy at work then your hair isn’t going to be a priority which is why we’ve found a few ways you can boost your strands from the comfort of your desk. Obviously, these will depend on how strict your office is but we’re sure you’ll be able to fit in a hair pick me up when your boss is on lunch... Continue reading →

7 Ways You're Ruining Your Hair Extensions

We chat to our customers every day about hair extensions, styling tips and advice but we’re also here to help them when they’ve had a hair related disaster. From burning their set to bleaching it and even putting it in the washing machine (not kidding) we’ve seen a lot of sad hair extensions. There are, however, a few mistakes that come up way more often than others and that are the main reasons why you’re ruining your hair extensions. So, to help any of you out there who really want to care for your set, we thought we’d share them here and hopefully save some hair in the process... Continue reading →

How To Get Negin Mirsalehi’s Hair With Hair Extensions

negin-mirsalehi-hair-extensions Whenever someone asks what we wish our hair looked like, Negin Mirsalehi always comes to mind. Her long, thick, impossibly glossy mane is beyond perfect and we’d pretty much do anything to achieve that level of hair goals. As impressive as it is that hers is totally natural, not all of us were blessed with super thick hair and need the help of hair extensions to make it happen. Today we’re going to break down her look and give you all the products you need to get her insta worthy vibe, you’re welcome… Continue reading →