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Tape In Hair Extensions Guide

Want luxurious locks in as little as 45 minutes? Tape in extensions could be the perfect option for you. Lightweight, non-damaging and lasting up to 6 months, it’s no surprise why many are now switching out traditional extensions for tape ins. So, before you head to the salon, from application to care, take a look at our complete guide to tape in extensions… Continue reading.

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How To Make Clip In Bangs With Your Old Hair Extensions

1-fake-bangs-milk-and-blush Umming and ahing about bangs? Because girl, same! They can look so amazing but the fact that they take a year and a half to grow out has us feeling a little nervous. This is exactly why we’ve experimented with an old set and found a way to make some clip in bangs that are way less scary and totally temporary. Here’s what you need to do.... Continue reading →

4 Cute Hairstyles With ASOS Hair Accessories

hair-accessories-1-milk-and-blush We love shopping and any excuse to max out our cards we’re totally there! Which is why we have some exciting looks for you guys today featuring a few gorgeous hair accessories from ASOS. These hairstyles are super simple to create with your M+B hair extensions but the accessories will make it look like you spent hours getting ready! Here’s what you need to do....   Continue reading →

How To Go Longer Between Hair Washes

Imagine if you never had to wash your hair again? It would be so good! And we’d literally save a lifetime if we didn’t have to blow-dry. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite doable, but stretching out the gap between washes definitely is. If you’re someone who shampoos everyday, then you’re going to have a long way to go but it’ll be...

Day To Night Christmas Party Hair Tutorial: Braided Bun To A Topsy Turvy Pony

milk-and-blush-day-to-night-hair To get you in the party spirit we’ve been sharing some gorgeous day to night party hairstyles recently so that you’re totally covered for the party season. If you missed the other looks then click here to catch up on our soft waves to a textured bun tutorial or our super sleek to a low pony tutorial. Continue reading →

How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Party Outfit

Hands up if you leave your hair ‘til the last minute when you’re getting ready? Or just go for the same look every time? If this sounds like you, then you’re definitely not doing your outfits justice! Matching your hairstyle to your party look can make such a big difference and it’s exactly what celebrities do for the red carpet...

The Best Haircut For Your Hair Type

Beyonce // Martin - Flickr As much as we love changing up our hairstyle, we get that not every cut will work for every person. Different hair types suit different haircuts and depending on how thick or thin your hair is, it can look completely different to the celebrity you’re trying to copy. That’s why it’s so important to know...

3 Bobby Pin Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair

3-Bobby-Pin-Hairstyles-That-Slay-milk-and-blush You know all those bobby pins you’ve lost? You’re really going to need to find them if you want to slay this party season. No they’re not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of glamorous hair but we’re totally obsessed with them here at M+B and they’re perfect for creating looks that are a little more out there. As the Christmas party invites are coming in fast we thought we’d share 3 bobby pin hairstyles that will totally slay and won’t break the bank either. Continue reading →

Day To Night Christmas Party Hair Tutorial: Super Sleek To A Low Pony

milk-and-blush-day-to-night-hair Hey M+B babes! To get you in the party spirit we’re going to share three gorgeous day to night Christmas party hairstyles over the next few weeks so that you’re totally covered for the party season. If you missed the first post then click here to catch up on our soft waves to a textured bun tutorial. Continue reading →

5 Party Hair Essentials That Will Fit In Your Clutch Bag

5-Party-Hair-Essentials-That-Will-Fit-In-Your-Clutch-Bag As much as we love a party here at M+B trying to squash our beauty essentials into a clutch bag is our least favourite part of the night. After spending so long on our tresses it figures that we’d want to take some products to touch up if we need to but we definitely don’t want to carry loads of stuff. This is why we’ve done some digging and found a few clutch bag size essentials that will help to keep your hair looking good into the early hours. Continue reading →

Catwalk Inspired Christmas Party Hairstyles

milk-and-blush-hair-extensions-blog-catwalk-inspired-party-looks ‘Tis the season, gals! And if you want to slay the office party like the third Hadid sister then you’re going to need some killer hair inspo. To help you guys out we thought we’d share our fave catwalk hairstyles that are bound to get you noticed at the Christmas party. We’ll also be giving you some quick tips on how to create them and what kind of vibe they’re most suitable for so there’s no excuses for messy hair! Let’s go... Continue reading →