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Tape In Hair Extensions Guide

Want luxurious locks in as little as 45 minutes? Tape in extensions could be the perfect option for you. Lightweight, non-damaging and lasting up to 6 months, it’s no surprise why many are now switching out traditional extensions for tape ins. So, before you head to the salon, from application to care, take a look at our complete guide to tape in extensions… Continue reading.

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M+B Auburn Clip-In Hair Extensions

Auburn-Clip-In-Hair-Extensions Here at M+B we’re totally obsessed with auburn hair and have three gorgeous shades that are perfect for all you redheaded babes. We get that finding auburn clip-in hair extensions can be tricky which is why we’ve created three multi-tonal colours to help you get a perfect match. Today we thought we’d share with you guys everything you need to know about each one so that you can find the right set for you, along with a little hairstyle inspiration. Continue reading →

How To Take Care Of Your M+B Hair Extensions

main-how-to-take-care-of-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush Just picked up a new set of Milk + Blush hair extensions? Yes girl! There’s no better feeling or more of a confidence boost than treating yourself and we’re sure you’re super excited to get styling them. Clip-ins are by far the most versatile method of hair extensions and they’ll give you loads of options when it comes to creating looks. Continue reading →

Valentine’s Date Night Hair Tutorial

valentines-date-night-hairstyle Happy Valentine’s M+B babes! The big day is nearly here and this year we’ve got you totally covered with a half up, half down look that’s easy to recreate with your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. So whether you’re out for a date or in for a night with your besties, this is the perfect hairstyle to wear. Continue reading →

M+B Meets Kieron Lavine

kieron-lavigne-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush-main We always have a little fan girl moment in the office when we see one of our fave hairstylists have used Milk + Blush hair extensions on a shoot. Their work is so inspiring and it’s cool to see how many different looks they can create using our sets. Continue reading →

Meghan Markle’s Hair History

meghan-markle-hair-history-milk-and-blush If you’re looking for some hair inspo to switch up your look this year then we’ve got you totally covered with our series Hair History. Each month we take a look back at some iconic celebrities and trace their hair evolution to where they are today. Continue reading →

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Major Hair Change…

making-a-big-hair-change-blog-post-milk-and-blush There’s nothing like a new year to inspire a major hair change and what better way to boost your confidence than by switching up your look, right? That being said not all of the hairstyles on Instagram are going to work for you and after a few disasters we know this better than most. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it but it’s worth asking yourself these 5 questions first to be sure you’re making the right decision. Continue reading →

How To Tell The Difference Between Baby Hairs And Breakage

How-To-Tell-The-Difference-Between-Baby-Hairs-And-Breakage-milk-and-blush If you put your hair up only to have a halo of shorter hair sticking out around your face then this post is going to be for you. Baby hairs can be the bain of our life when we’re trying to achieve sleek styles but what’s scary is that they may not be baby hairs at all. Continue reading →

The Hairstyles That Always Get Us Compliments

As awkward as we are at taking them there’s nothing nicer than getting a compliment on your hair to give you a confidence boost. Saying that, there are definitely some hairstyles that get way more attention than others. This is why we thought it would be cute to ask the babes in the office about their go-to hairstyle that gets them the most compliments. We figured they’d be the best people to ask seeing as they’re surrounded by so much hair inspiration and they did not disappoint with their answers... Continue reading →

5 Gym Hair Hacks You Need To Know

gym-hacks-and-hairstyles-milk-and-blushgym-hacks-and-hairstyles-milk-and-blush It’s officially time to get back to reality after the holidays and the first stop for most of us is 100% the gym. After taking the longest break we’re actually pretty excited to get back into working out but being M+B we’re also totally thinking about our hair. We have a lot of gym hair hacks that we love to use but as it’s the first month of the year we thought we’d ease you guys in with our 5 favourites. Continue reading →

Are your Hair Straighteners Making Your Hair Greasy?

do-straighteners-make-your-hair-greasy-milk-and-blush We all know that heat styling your hair can be really damaging but have you noticed that it can look super greasy afterwards too? It’s the most annoying thing when you’ve spent hours heat styling but there could be some really simple reasons to explain why it’s happening... Continue reading →