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Tape In Hair Extensions Guide

Want luxurious locks in as little as 45 minutes? Tape in extensions could be the perfect option for you. Lightweight, non-damaging and lasting up to 6 months, it’s no surprise why many are now switching out traditional extensions for tape ins. So, before you head to the salon, from application to care, take a look at our complete guide to tape in extensions… Continue reading.

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Milk + Blush Meets... Rikke Gajda

milk-and-blush-meets-celebrity-hairstylist-Rikke-Gajda-Here at the M+B office, we’re always scrolling through Instagram looking for the next big thing in the hair world and when we found Rikke Gajda we knew we were onto something. After assisting the biggest name in hair right now Chris Appleton, she’s really started carving a name for herself and making some big waves. Continue reading →

Tutorial: How To Clip In Our Deluxe Set Hair Extensions

milk-blush-hair-extensionsYou guys ask us so many questions about clipping in your hair extensions and we totally get that if you’re new to clip-ins it can be a little daunting. Knowing the order you need to clip them in and how to secure the clips is super important but once you get it down it’s really easy. To help you guys out we’re going to give you a step by step for each of our four sets so that you can get a totally seamless blend. Continue reading →

Tried & Tested: Revlon One Step Hair Styler

revlon-one-step-hair-dryer-main-tutorial-and-review How many times have you given up trying to blow dry your hair because the sheer amount of effort is just TOO much? If your hair is longer than shoulder length it can be seriously time-consuming to get the perfect finish and way trickier than your stylist makes it look.  Continue reading →

Hair Hacks Everyone Should Know

milk-and-blush-blog-hair-hacks-you-need-to-know-mainWe’re such a sucker for a hair hack here at M+B and spend way too many hours scrolling through Instagram trying to find the latest. Anything that can cut our styling time in half and make our hair look healthier we’re all for. That being said, there are a few classic hacks that everyone should know to give their hair styling credentials a serious boost. Today we’re sharing our power list of favourites that everyone needs to know... Continue reading →

How To Take Pictures For A Shade Match

How-To-Take-Pictures-For-A-Shade-Match-milk-and-blush-image-1One of the most important things when buying a new set of hair extensions is that you get the perfect shade match. This is the key to getting a seamless blend between your natural hair and your new extensions so that no one will know you’re wearing them! Continue reading →

How To Get Salon Worthy Colour At Home

How-To-Get-Salon-Worthy-Colour-At-Home-mainIf you’re someone who struggles to maintain their roots or doesn’t have the budget for regular salon visits then at-home dye kits can be a total lifesaver. They’re way more affordable, the formulas are getting better all the time and you can pick any colour imaginable. Continue reading →

Why Brunettes Need Blue Shampoo

this-is-why-brunnettes-need-blue-shampoo-blog-post-mainIf you’re someone who invests a lot in your hair colour then you’ll know how important it is to look after it. Using the wrong shampoo, loads of heat and neglecting to hair mask will fade it really fast and ruin all your stylists’ hard work. Not only that, but it could also lead to some serious brassiness, which is one of the main bugbears for all of us with coloured hair. Continue reading →

How To Find A Good Hairstylist

how-to-find-a-good-hairstylist-image-1 You know that feeling right? When you’re sitting in the salon chair, trying not to cry over your hair and pretending to the stylist that you love it, right before googling ‘wig’ on the way home. If this has ever happened to you then you’ll know how important it is to find a hairstylist you can trust if you want to avoid a disaster. Continue reading →

Curling Wand Mistakes You’re Making And How To Correct Them

Curling-Wand-Mistakes-You’re-Making-And-How-To-Correct-ThemIf you’re struggling to create our signature Milk + Blush waves or to get your hair to hold a curl at all then these tips are definitely for you. It’s one of our most asked questions but most of the time it’s because people are making simple mistakes. To help you guys out we’re going to break down each one so that you know exactly how to nail a curl and make it last. Continue reading →

How To Control Your Bangs This Summer

control-your-bangs-in-the-summer Bangs in the winter? Super chic and cosy. Bangs in the summer? Uhh… That’s another story. If you’ve had bangs during the holiday season then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. One minute they’re perfect and the next they’re super greasy and stuck to your forehead. The struggle is real. Continue reading →