JLo’s Hair History

jlo-hair-history-milk-and-blush To give you ultimate hair inspo, we’ve started a ‘Celebrity Hair History’ series here on the Milk + Blush blog. In Celebrity Hair History, we’re taking a look back at some iconic hairstyles through the years and tracing the hair evolution of some of our fave stars and celebs to where they are today. Continue reading →

How To Fake Ombre Hair With M+B Hair Extensions

how-to-fake-ombre-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush Hands up if you get bored of your hair colour? Because same. With new trends coming out everyday and the Kardashians switching it up even more often than usual a new dye job couldn’t be more appealing. Bleaching and using hair dyes can be risky though, especially if you do it regularly, and we’re definitely not up for the risk of losing our hair just to get some extra insta likes. Continue reading →

How To Rainproof Your Hair This Autumn

How-To-Rainproof-Your-Hair-This-Autumn When it comes to autumn hair care the most annoying thing is trying to find styles that will survive the rain. A sudden downpour can cause instant frizz and make your hair ping back to its natural state even when you’re hiding under an umbrella. As we’re in for a few months of bad weather we thought it would be a good shout to share some tips on rainproofing your hair so that you’re totally prepared. Here’s what you need to do... Continue reading →

Catwalk Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Bonfire Night

We’ll take any excuse to experiment with our hair and bonfire night is no exception. It always seems to come around super quickly though and after all the effort you’ve been putting into your Halloween looks we figured you wouldn’t have much planned. Continue reading →

Before + After Hair Transformation With M+B Hair Extensions

milk-and-blush-before-and-after-hair-extensions We know how much you guys love a good before and after so today we’re going to show you how to totally transform your hair using Milk + Blush hair extensions. These tips are really easy to follow and with them you’ll be able to create two looks: super sleek and effortless waves. Continue reading →

This Is Why You’re Shedding So Much Hair ATM

This-Is-Why-You’re-Shedding-So-Much-Hair-ATM-blog-post-milk-and-blush It may sound a bit crazy to say that our hair changes with the seasons but it’s 100% true. Hotter and colder weather affects our strands in different ways and it’s not unusual to notice changes to your hair as we go through the seasons. You may have noticed that it’s been shedding way more in the last few weeks too and that’s also down to the recent change in weather. Freaky right? Continue reading →

5 Backstage Hairstyling Hacks You Need To Know

backstage-hairstyling-hacks-you-need-to-know-milk-and-blush-hair-extensions Backstage hairstyling, whether it’s for a catwalk or a red carpet is the best place to discover the latest hacks and tips. These stylists have really honed their craft and know exactly what it takes to create gorgeous hairstyles that last for hours. Being hair junkies we always want to find out the latest tricks which is why we went scrolling through the gram to suss out their secrets. Here’s everything you need to know... Continue reading →

DIY Nourishing Pumpkin Hair Mask

diy-2-pumpkin-hair-mask-milk-and-blush It’s that time of year again when you might have some pumpkins lying around and unless you’ve got a fairy godmother, you may be looking for something to do with them. Of course, being Milk + Blush, we’ve found a hair related answer to that dilemma and have created a DIY mask recipe to put them to good use. This nourishing pumpkin hair mask will supercharge your locks and reverse any damage from overstyling or using temporary dyes over the holidays. It’s also the best excuse ever for a pamper night after all that partying... Continue reading →

5 Products That Will Make Your Hair Smell Totally Amazing

5-Products-That-Will-Make-Your-Hair-Smell-Totally-Amazing Ok, ok so it goes without saying that there aren’t many of us left who wash our hair everyday. Not only does it dry it out but it’s also just really time consuming and often means we use way more heat than we need to. Skipping wash day does require a little prep though and a few products that will keep our locks smelling super fresh. This is why we thought it would be a good idea to track down some products that will make your hair smell so amazing no one will be able to tell it’s day 2… or 3. Let’s go. Continue reading →

The Best Celebrity Halloween Hairstyles

milk-and-blush-the-best-celebrity-halloween-hairstyles If you’re struggling to figure out what to go as this year then we’re hoping these celebrity looks are going to get you totally inspired for Halloween. These gals have gone all out and created styles that are as magazine worthy as they are totally spooky. You can recreate all of them using your M+B hair extensions too so there’s no excuse not to look amazing. So to slay your house party like it’s Heidi Klum’s annual bash then keep scrolling for all the must see looks. Continue reading →