How to Keep Your High Ponytail from Dropping

this-is-why-your-ponytail-keeps-dropping-milk-and-blush How many times have you left the house with a super high, snatched pony only to find that an hour later it’s completely dropped? Super annoying, especially if you’ve spent ages getting it right, but you may be making some key mistakes. It’s all about getting it super secure in the beginning and using the right tools that will really hold your hair in place. Being pony experts we thought we’d fill you in on the four main reasons why your ponytail keeps dropping, and how to fix it... Continue reading →

These K-Beauty Hair Hacks Will Totally Change Your Life

k-beauty-hair-hacks-milk-and-blush We may not have a 12 step skincare routine but that doesn’t mean that we’re not totally obsessed with K-Beauty. Korea is the best place to look for all the latest trends as they’re so much further ahead with their beauty technology and are way more experimental with their looks. The same goes for K-Beauty hair tutorials and we’ve been watching them on repeat this week to find some new hacks and ideas that we can try out for ourselves. We’ve popped our faves below that we think you guys will love and they include some really great tips that you could definitely work into your routine... Continue reading →

Kim Kardashian’s Sleek Middle Part Hairstyle

how-to-get-kim-kardashians-sleek-middle-part-blog-post If you follow Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles as closely as we do then you’ll know that she’s been wearing her hair in a perfect middle part and super sleek for the longest time. It’s such a classic look but it’s having a major moment right now and we’re totally obsessed with it! After scouring the internet we feel like we’ve figured out the best way to nail this hairstyle and it’s way easier than you might think... Continue reading →

Hair Extension Mistakes You’re Making And How To Correct Them

hair-extension-mistakes-blog Here at M+B we know pretty much everything there is to know about clip-in hair extensions because we eat, sleep, and breathe them everyday. As much as we’re obsessed, we totally get that if you’re new to wearing them you might be finding things a little tricky. It’ll all make total sense once you know the right hacks but we get that it takes time to get the hang of it. This is why we wanted to share some of the most common hair extension mistakes and how to fix them so that you can feel amazing in your new M+B set. Continue reading →

How Pollution Affects Your Hair

pollution-hair-extensions-blog Anti-pollution skincare isn’t new by any means but it’s definitely strange that we’re not as concerned about how much pollution affects our hair too. If you live in a city then this is going to be especially useful for you as there’s way more dust and grime in the air. This can have a lasting effect on your hair health and could be why it’s way more prone to breakage and greasiness. Continue reading →

Tried and Tested: Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

babyliss-secret-curls-milk-and-blush-main Here at M+B we’re pretty obsessed with hair care so it figures that as a team we try out a lot of new products. To make us feel better about our groaning bathroom cabinets we thought it would be cool to share some of the things we’ve found as part of a new series. We’re calling it Tried & Tested and the plan is to give you honest reviews on some of the weirdest and most hyped products out there. Continue reading →

5 M+B Hair Tutorials That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s spam has officially taken over every shop and insta feed and we’re totally jumping on the bandwagon today with some super gorgeous hairstyles. These looks are perfect for date night and flattering on literally everyone so there’ll definitely be something here to suit your vibe. Don’t worry if you’re just heading out with your besties either as this holiday is nothing more than an excuse to get dressed up and take some cute pics for the gram… right? Continue reading →

M+B Auburn Clip-In Hair Extensions

Auburn-Clip-In-Hair-Extensions Here at M+B we’re totally obsessed with auburn hair and have three gorgeous shades that are perfect for all you redheaded babes. We get that finding auburn clip-in hair extensions can be tricky which is why we’ve created three multi-tonal colours to help you get a perfect match. Today we thought we’d share with you guys everything you need to know about each one so that you can find the right set for you, along with a little hairstyle inspiration. Continue reading →

How To Take Care Of Your M+B Hair Extensions

main-how-to-take-care-of-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush Just picked up a new set of Milk + Blush hair extensions? Yes girl! There’s no better feeling or more of a confidence boost than treating yourself and we’re sure you’re super excited to get styling them. Clip-ins are by far the most versatile method of hair extensions and they’ll give you loads of options when it comes to creating looks. Continue reading →

Valentine’s Date Night Hair Tutorial

valentines-date-night-hairstyle Happy Valentine’s M+B babes! The big day is nearly here and this year we’ve got you totally covered with a half up, half down look that’s easy to recreate with your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. So whether you’re out for a date or in for a night with your besties, this is the perfect hairstyle to wear. Continue reading →